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No matter who we are, or where we are on our path, we can help someone!

We sometimes hear that wherever we are on our path we can always help someone else who might be even one step behind. It's also true that we might just be able to help someone who is ahead of us on the path. The truth is, it's not really possible to measure where people are on the path. That is not the issue. We all can use a helping hand, a kind word, or an effort to lift the energy in a situation.

It is a mistake to try to judge where someone is on his or her path in relation to ourselves. Being loving and supportive of everyone as best we can is the thing to do. We don't need to weigh our merits and demerits to determine if we have the right to share the light. Be a channel for good as best you can with everyone wherever you are and whenever you are able.

We invite you to enjoy the love and light that the staff at The Expanding Light shares every day every year.

Timothy Hickey

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Ananda Yoga Vacation in Costa Rica

November 29 – December 6th, 2014

Details, very affordable pricing, and reservations now available. There are limited slots for this trip.

Stay in a modern resort on a secluded beach. The area is famed for sunshine, water sports, eco-adventures, and incredible natural beauty. You'll experience many of the deeper aspects of yoga, including the chakras, pranayama, healing, and meditation. We will use the resort's brand-new facility right on the beach: a shaded, open-sided structure built for yoga practice. Please join Gyandev & Diksha on this special Ananda vacation.

Pilgrimage to India!
In the Footsteps of the Masters

September 28 – October 19 2014

This year's pilgrimage will include the ancient, holy city of Varanasi & expedition to Babaji's Cave!

Led by Nayaswamis Krishnadas and Mantradevi
Book this month for early registration discount.

Ananda Yoga "Energize Your Life" DVD

Now Available!
Volume 2 DVD of the Ananda Yoga Series

This 2-disk set teaches you how to develop and use dynamic energy.

Includes 4 complete classes for 3 1/3 hours of instruction!

People tell us that they have been loving Volume 1!

Inspiration from Paramhansa Yogananda

 Whispers from Eternity  book cover

Prayer for expanding love from myself to all my brethren

O Divine Mother, teach me to use the gift of Thy love, which I feel in my heart, to love the members of my family more than myself. Bless me, that I may love my neighbors more than my family. Expand my heart's feelings, that I love my country more than my neighbors, and my world and all my human brethren more than my country, neighbors, family, and my own self.

Lastly, teach me to love Thee more than anything else, for it is only Thy love that enables me to love everything. Without Thee, I could not love anything or anybody.

From Whispers from Eternity
Crystal Clarity Publishers.

Yoga Getaway for Memorial Day

May 23 – 26

There's no better vacation than one that helps you change your pace and refresh your inner resources.

Use yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation to find the balance, harmony, and strength you need to meet the challenges of life with joy.

Led by Badri Matlock, Rachel Egbi and Dayavati Barsic

Pranayama Video on Overcoming Insomnia

The Chakras:
Inner Guide to Self-Realization

May 23 – 25

  • Locate and un-block your chakras
  • Increase the flow of life-force in your astral body
  • Use visualization, affirmation, color and sound, music, breathing, and hatha yoga to attune more deeply
  • Use your core energies for healing of body and mind
  • Led by Nayaswami Savitri

    The "happiness retreat" picture of the month

     Babaji at the Finding Happiness Retreat....

    Babaji at the Finding Happiness Retreat...


    Special Events

    Groundbreaking for Swami Kriyananda's Moksha Mandir
    May 16 - 18

    Moksha Mandir

    See website calendar
    for full listing.


    Deepen Your Meditation: Learn to Meditate Level 2
    May 9 – 11

    Learn How to Meditate
    May 13 – 15

    Kriya Yoga Preparation
    May 29 – June 1

    Kriya Yoga Initiation
    May 30 – June 1


    Secrets of Happiness: Tools for Transformation
    May 20 – 22

    Foundations of Community
    May 22 – 25 & June 1 – 15

    Finding True Happiness: A Women's Retreat
    June 5 – 8: almost full

    Ananda School of    
    Yoga and Meditation

    The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita
    June 7 – 13

    Yoga Therapy Training: Principles
    June 13 – 20

    Advanced Pranayama
    June 15 – 22

    Yoga Therapy Training: Musculoskeletal 1
    June 20 – 29

    Meditation Teacher Training
    June 26 – July 6

    Bridge to Ananda Yoga
    July 13 – 21

    Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training
    July 13 – August 10

    Creativity & Growth

    Harmonium Chanting Workshop
    May 30 – June 1

    Natural Building with Spirit
    June 1 – 7

    Spiritual Growth    

    The Chakras: Inner Guide to Self-Realization
    May 23 – 25

    Sri Yukteswar and The Holy Science
    May 30 – June 1

    First-Timers' Weekend
    May 23 – 25

    Second-Timers' Weekend
    June 20 – 22


    Yoga Getaway for Memorial Day
    May 23 – 26

    Summer Yoga Getaway
    June 6 – 8

    Spiritual Travel

    A Pilgrimage to India 2014
    September 28 – October 16 or 19

    Ananda Yoga Vacation in Costa Rica
    November 29 – December 6, 2014

    Sacred Sites of Spain
    Rescheduled for Spring 2016!

    Israel: The Holy Land
    Fall 2015 - Details now available

    There's more!
    See Calendar for
    complete listings.

    Expanding Light Staff
    Blog Posts

    Lalaan Hickey- staff member of Expanding Light Retreat

    Dazzle the World

    Developing a Habit of Meditation

    What is a Maghi?

    Personal Retreat
    join guided activities or not, be one with your spirit.

    The Karma Yoga Program
    live and serve in a spiritual ashram setting.

    Recipe for May

    From Vegetarian Cooking
    for Health and Vitality

    Carrot Salad
    A raw, fat free, vegan treat.

    Healthy Cooking Tip

    Choose fresh foods
    Choose foods filled with vitality, not foods that are overly processed. The better you eat, the better you will feel.

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