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Dear friend,

Paramhansa Yogananda said: “Life is a struggle for joy every step of the way. May I fight to win that battle on the very spot where I now am.” Are you waiting for your situation to change so you can be happy? Are waiting for that new partner, job, home or spiritual experience to be happy?

Swami Kriyananda said “If you want to experience joy, you must stop clinging to pain and sorrow.” There is some kind of odd comfort that we humans seem to find in our attachment to our pain. That keeps us from getting to where we want to go. It simply slows us down. Swamiji made it clear that in order to experience God, we have to put ourselves in harmony with God’s reality. If we are carrying around feelings that keep us from noticing God, we should recognize that we are putting ourselves in the way. God is available to us.

Go with God,

Nayaswami Nityananda
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