The Chakras: Inner Guide to Self-Realization

Led by Nayaswami Maria

The Chakras: Inner Guide to Self-Realization

2-day weekend

  • Sep 1 – 3, 2017
Chakras for Starters


In this retreat, you’ll learn more about what the chakras do, and you’ll be guided through experiences of them on progressively deeper levels. You’ll experience how to:

  • Locate and un-block your chakras
  • Increase the flow of life-force in your astral body
  • Use visualization, affirmation, color and sound, music, breathing, and hatha yoga to help you attune more deeply to these astral energies
  • Use your core energies for healing of body and mind

You will receive a copy of of the Chakras Workbook by Savitri Simpson.

Here is a simple technique for tuning into this great source of power and enlightenment. Start at the coccyx center, at the base of the spine, and slowly work your way up, mentally chanting AUM at each chakra. As you do so, try to actually feel energy at that point. It will help if you feel that the sound of AUM and even your breath is emanating from that center. When you reach the point between the eyebrows, concentrate there for a time and then slowly work your way down, again mentally chanting AUM at each chakra. Do this, going up and then down, several times. End the final round at the spiritual eye, and then continue to meditate at that point for as long as possible.

From our guests:
I want to tell you what a fantastic experience I had at The Expanding Light this last weekend!  I feel like a different person, and I am recommending The Expanding Light to others. The Chakras workshop was enlightening, and Maria is a wonderful person and instructor. I am sure I will return to The Expanding Light soon.—Bev A

Learning Online Option:

For those who need the convenience of taking this course online, you can also take this series with Nayaswamis Maria or Savitri through Ananda Online. Click here for the Chakras series.


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  • Sep 1 – 3, 2017
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