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Dear friend,

A lot of people are struggling right now. While the condition isn't unusual, how prominent it is seems to me to be notable. I am sorry if you are having a hard time.

We are all impacted by conditions in the greater world around us. While that sets the background tone, it appears that our immediate environment and relationships impact us more. It seems to be our emotions that get stirred up and bounce us around so much.

Paramhansa Yogananda taught that chaotic conditions around the world result from people living by ungodly ideals. He said that nations and people can be protected if they live by the heavenly ideals of brotherhood, cooperation, and exchange.

Most of us seem to have little direct influence over the way the world moves. However, together we can have an impact – by living by "heavenly ideals." Coming together has its own power. But we are all God's children. By living dharmically, we are uniting with each other and with Divine Consciousness, even if we never see each other. That will influence the world in a positive direction.

We live on a tough planet. If we had it all dialed in, we wouldn't be living here, we'd be on a higher plane. We are all being challenged. Can we open our hearts and offer more and more compassion to those around us? If they appear to be acting out, it is probably due to their own pain. If you are not with good people (people who are living properly), then get with good people. Make the move. If you are with good people (people living dharmically), but it's still too hard, then accept, help and love them more. You can change your world, and that of those around you. Love conquers all. It's always been true. It's true now.

In love and compassion,

The Chakras: Inner Guide to Self-Realization
Friday, April 6 – Sunday, April 8
Friday, July 20 - Sunday July 22

A fascinating exploration into the subtle body.
Experience how to:
  • Locate and un-block your chakras
  • Increase the flow of life-force in your astral body
  • Use your core energies for healing of body and mind

Practical Ayurveda for Self-Healing
CEU Wednesday, April 11 - Sunday, April 15

This program is great fun, and will leave you with great tools for increased health. You will learn how:
  • to understand the fundamentals of Ayurveda for a healthy, happy life.
  • to determine your own constitution, state of balance/imbalance
  • the influences of your body type, the seasons, and other factors
  • the doshas "speak" to you when you're out of balance or balanced
  • to balance the doshas through diet, yoga postures and pranayama and through increasing the elevating parts of your life
Upcoming Retreats and Trainings:

First-Timers Weekend Retreat
Mar 9 - 11 You'll be amazed how much you can learn!
Ananda Yoga to Awaken the Chakras
Mar 9 - 11
How to be a Channel of Divine Love
Mar 16 - 18
An Easter Retreat
Mar 30 - Apr 1
Learn How to Meditate Retreat
Apr 6 - 8 Techniques for Peace of Mind and Balanced Living
First-Timers' Week
Sun April 8 - 13 A more relaxed pace!

Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation:

Ananda Meditation Teacher Training
CEU Mar 15 - 25
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training
CEU Mar 25 - April 22
Ananda Yoga® Assistantship
CEU Mar 25 - April 7
Bridge to Ananda Yoga®
CEU Mar 25 - April 2

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