Holy Land Pilgrimage
In the footsteps of Jesus Christ in Israel

Not scheduled at this time.

Hosts: Sitabai Betts and Atman Goering

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Join us for 15 spiritual days of pilgrimage as we visit one of the holiest places on Earth:
Israel… where three age-old religions have adored the Divine Presence for thousands of years, in one holy place. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ from birth to resurrection, connect with the history and ageless expression of Judaism, and visit one of the holiest sites in the Muslim faith in Jerusalem.

Continue with us in Jordan - for an optional 4-day Pilgrimage Extension to the magical ancient “Rose City” of Petra in Jordan, a world UNESCO Heritage Site, as well as visiting other amazing sites in Jordan.

Know the transformative power of the Holy Land

Imagine the deeply spiritual and complex world of the Holy Land of Israel, and then visualize being with friends and expert guides, exploring joyfully and diving deep into many riveting and sublime experiences.

Israel pilgrimage includes visits to:

23 sites in Jerusalem
9 sites in Sea of Galilee region
6 sites in Palestine/Bethlehem
Nazareth, Magdala, Jordan River
Tsfat + many sites of the Jewish faith
Essene home of Qumran and Dead Sea region
Masada…and much more

Jordan extension trip includes:

Petra, a World UNESCO site
Moses resting place at Mt. Nebo
Wadi Rum, renowned and stunning desert
Makawer Fortress of Machaerus
the Byzantine church of Saint George in Madaba

Experience the transformative power of Ananda Spiritual Travels

Transformational pilgrimage leadership- our Ananda Spiritual Travel hosts, and in-country guides, serve with joy and focus, to inspire you to further deepen your inner spiritual life.

The Ananda FLOW Itinerary- In a state of flow, your body and mind knows what needs to be done without having to think about it – there is a lack of obstacles. Our carefully curated itinerary, created personally by Sitabai Betts, host of the Holy Land Pilgrimage, allows our guests to be in a gentle state of flow, supported by our hosts, helping you connect with the holiness of each site, without any obstacles or stress typically involved in visiting many sites in foreign lands. We provide plenty of unscheduled time so you can rest, reflect, re-visit favorite sites, wander and explore.

The uplifting energy of traveling with like-minded spiritual seekers, as we enrich and enjoy our experiences together, rather than traveling alone.

The power of joy – ‘Ananda’ means ‘joy’. As such, Ananda Spiritual Travels is imbued with the energy of joy. Our daily group meditations, uplifting affirmations and occasional chanting, ample time for reflection and inner healing — these all provide you with the energy to transform your inner life, connect with your own experience of deep joy, your sense of inner peace.

The power of individual support- our travel hosts are long-time Ananda members, Ananda Ministers and spiritual counselors, available to meet with you, to support you as you might need.

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Begin your Holy Land Pilgrimage now, and learn more about where you’ll visit in Israel and Jordan

Experience the places of Christ’s ministry years in original locations

  • Capernaum – St. Peter’s home, and where Jesus first taught at the Jewish temple, and centered his Galilean ministry from this lovely area by the Sea of Galilee.
  • Learn about the Essenes, the tribe of Jews that were Jesus’s ancestors. Visit the Essene home of Qumran, where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. During the pilgrimage we will visit the Israel Museum to see the original scrolls.
  • Mount of Beatitudes – where you can attune to Jesus’ message of Light, Love, and the Golden Rule, as written in the Gospel of Mark.
  • Enjoy the lakeside setting at Tabgha where Jesus gave St. Peter His Church. A lovely garden setting for mediation and reflection, or collecting small shells from the sea.
  • Connected by a short walk from Tabgha is the contemporary church at the site of the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes.
  • Enjoy a traditional lunch in Nazareth Village, where Nazareth has been replicated to the time of Christ using costume, traditional foods, and activities. Visit the church in Nazareth where Mary, at 13 years old, was visited by the Angel Gabriel and there told that she would bear a son.
  • Cana – the wedding location where Jesus performed the first miracle of turning water into wine.
  • Experience the Divine Feminine principle in the Holy Land through the Virgin Mary, Anne – mother of Mary, Elizabeth – mother of St. John the Baptist, and Mary Magdalene – the first female disciple and the first person to see Jesus resurrected.
  • The Roman Baths where Jesus healed the lame, saying “take up your mat and walk”.

Safely visit the holy places of Bethlehem and other locations in restricted Palestine

  • Spend time in the incredibly holy birthplace of Christ, where also we experience the vibration of many saints (wise men), Joseph, and Mary who were all here together in this remarkable place – a focalization of spiritual power
  • Observe Shepherds Field, where the shepherds were told of the newly born Christ child
  • Visit where Lazarus was raised from the dead
  • Visit the ancient home of Mary and Martha, sisters of Lazarus and friends of Jesus where Jesus stayed many times.
  • Wander back in time at the St. George Monastery situated high on the side of a cliff accessed by an aerial tram. After Jesus was baptized by John he came here into the desert near Jericho for 40 days and 40 nights, where he was unsuccessfully tempted by the devil at the Mount of Temptation

Step into the Sea of Galilee region (also known as Lake Kinneret)

  • Feel the stunning power and beauty of Mount Tabor, site of the Transfiguration, where Jesus revealed himself to Peter, James and John, and they heard God proclaim Jesus as his son.
  • Capernaum – St. Peter’s home, and where Jesus first taught at the Jewish temple, and centered his Galilean ministry from this lovely area by the Sea of Galilee.
  • Enjoy the lakeside setting at Tabgha where Jesus gave St. Peter His Church. A lovely garden setting for mediation and reflection, or collecting small shells from the sea.
  • Connected by a short walk from Tabgha is the contemporary church at the site of the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes.
  • At dawn join us as we board a beautiful wooden lake boat and sail out into the sea for an unforgettable sunrise meditation. With the engines silenced, and the soft waves rocking the boat, one can easily imagine this as the place where Jesus walked on the water and performed other miracles.
  • Visit Magdala, on the Sea of Galilee, where Mary Magdalene lived and which also contains one of the oldest archeological synagogues every found – undoubtedly where Jesus also taught during his teaching years.
  • Shalom! Celebrate the Jewish tradition of Shabbat (Sabbath), hosted by a friend, just for us in the Galilee region. A lovely time to learn more about the Jewish faith.
  • Learn about the rich history.

Visit Jewish holy sites and learn about the rich history of this land

  • Tsfat: an ancient rural town known for its creativity and the arts – painting, jewelry, candles, crafts. Visit with mystical Jewish artists, who base their inspiration on the Kabala, enjoy shopping, and eating delicious foods.
  • King David’s Tomb (c. 970 BC, slayer of Goliath, the genealogy that began the City of David – Jerusalem)
  • The Western Wall (also called Wailing Wall), the most holy spiritual location for the Jewish Faith.
  • Tour the Western Wall tunnels, that run extensively behind the Western Wall
  • Walk on the Temple Mount, where the giant ancient and famous Temple Synagogue in Jerusalem stood in the time of Christ and where Jesus was tempted by Satin and also threw out the money changers
  • Visit the Jewish Museum, including the Lost Essene Qumran Dead Sea scrolls and a see giant map of the ancient city of Jerusalem in Christ’s time
  • Ride an aerial tram up 1300’ to the dramatic mesa of Masada, where the Jews made a last stand against the Romans

Experience the power, blessings, and spiritual depth of Christ’s final week

  • Walk down the Mount of Olives along the Palm Sunday route, where thousands shouted “Hosanna in the Highest” and laid palm fronds before Jesus as he entered the city on a donkey.
  • Enjoy a private meditation with our group in an ancient olive grove in the Garden of Gethsemane. Here Christ wept while the disciples slept. Here Judas betrayed Jesus, and later it is where Jesus performed the last miracle of restoring the guard’s ear that had been cut off.
  • Visit the Chapel of Ascension, where Jesus is believed to have ascended to heaven after 40 days of resurrection, the site that Paramhansa Yogananda found the most powerful in the Holy Land
  • Walk the Via Dolorosa, Christ’s path carrying the cross after he was condemned to death, ending in an unforgettable meditation in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus was crucified on the cross and then laid nearby in the sepulcher tomb.

Join us on the optional 4-day pilgrimage extension to Jordan!

  • You won’t want to miss these special additional 4 days in Jordan. We continue our pilgrimage trip with the special leadership of our two Ananda spiritual tour guides, and we add in a new professional Jordanian guide to provide us with Jordanian history and local information. Continue the trip of a lifetime with these additional features:
  • The ancient remarkable “Rose City” of Petra, a World UNESCO Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We allow a day and a half to walk throughout Petra and take time the following morning to visit the astounding Petra museum. You will be astounded.
  • Mt. Nebo, where the Prophet Moses led the Israelites at the end of his life after 40 years in the desert, ending at Mt. Nebo where Moses is believed to be buried. At this last stopping place, Moses directed the Israelites to cross the valley below and establish Jerusalem a few miles away – considered by Moses to be the holiest place on earth.
  • Makawer Fortress of Machaerus, in the hills above the Dead Sea with a stunning view is the infamous place where St. John the Baptist was imprisoned in the dungeon by Herod Antipas and later beheaded as a gift to Herod’s daughter for her birthday.
  • Wadi Rum desert in southern Jordan, will surely delight as we take a 4WD ride across the desert in the sunset. Wadi Rum is famous as a filming location for the Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, the Martian, and the Dune movies.
  • The Madaba Mosaic Map at the early Byzantine church of Saint George in Madaba. Dating to the sixth century CE, the map depicts the oldest surviving original cartographic depiction of the Holy Land and most notably depicts an accurate historical account of the old city of Jerusalem.
  • Our hotel is within walking distance to Petra and to the Madaba Mosaic Map at lovely hotels with pools with fantastic not-to-be-missed Middle Eastern vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Holy Land Pilgrimage Overview
Holy Land Pilgrimage Overview

Holy Land Pilgrimage:

  • Travel 15 days to enjoy a carefully curated itinerary providing astounding spiritual highlights.
  • We’ll take you to all the most essential spiritual sites: simply relax, live in joy, and experience the divine on this trip of a lifetime.
  • Curated, exceptional hotels, imbued with tranquility and safety.
  • Return home uplifted and forever inspired through this life-altering experience, without the headache of planning a complex and comprehensive trip on your own.
  • Leadership by two remarkable ministers from Ananda Village with decades of meditation experience and the study of Christ’s life.
  • Leadership in Jordan by our Jordanian guide specializing in St. John the Baptist, Moses, Petra and Wadi Rum desert (included in the optional pilgrimage extension)..
  • We carefully attend to all the daily details for your safety, transportation, lodging, most meals.
  • Delightful opportunities for spa services, swimming in the Dead Sea, free afternoons for relaxation, shopping, returning to favorite and inspiring places, or exploring on your own.
  • Travel with like-minded spiritual seekers, as we enrich our experiences together, rather than traveling alone.
  • Experience the most remarkable delectable middle-eastern food, prepared to perfection!
  • Leadership in Israel daily by our exceptional local guide, Joe, an American who has lived in Israel over 30 years. Joe is a deeply spiritual man of the Jewish faith, fluent in Hebrew, specializes in religious history, archeology, geopolitics, Israeli history, sociology, and hiking. Joe has guided our groups in years past, and we are delighted to have his joy and kind heart with us again.

Holy Land Pilgrimage Hosts
Holy Land Pilgrimage Hosts

“Get up and walk about the Land,
through its length and breadth,
for I give it to you.”

Genesis 13:17