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Power gets a bad rap. As it is so often misused, that is easy to understand. But Power is an aspect of God. Power aligned with right action is ... well powerful! Don't be afraid to connect with Power along with Love, Peace, Wisdom, Joy and the other aspects of God.

Putting ourselves in the hands of God, we can safely use power to direct our wills in the right direction or to stand strong against ignorance and hate. Indeed, getting in touch with this divine aspect of ourselves may help us better understand the nature of the Creator.

As always, we need to be discriminating. Hopefully, Power is balanced by Wisdom and by Love. There is some risk of our projecting too much power around something we believe is what God wants from us. It can be a little too easy to think we know better than others do what God wants. Please read what Swami Kriyananda wrote about Power below.

Developing our connection to the Divine includes developing dharmic Power.


Join us for these programs...

How to Have Courage, Calmness and Confidence Aug 18 - 20

2011 International Book Award for the Best Self-Help Book of the Year

Based on the book How to Have Courage, Calmness, and Confidence: this transformative retreat, you will awaken the energy within you to live a victorious and harmonious life–make your choice each day, every moment, to embrace your noblest spiritual qualities.

The soul has everything it needs to meet every test of life. As you live in tune with the power of your soul, your life will be completely transformed.
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NEW Dealing with a Difficult Parent August 25 – 27
How to avoid 10 years in therapy!

Join Liladevi and embark on an adventure of transformation to overcome unhelpful patterns of family paradigms – and discover how to be freed of them once and for all! Learn more about these powerful tools...

Healthy Body/Healthy Mind September 1–3

Yogananda's Revolutionary Approach to Health
Visit and learn about Ananda Meditation, Ananda Yoga, our holistic approach to wellness and spirituality. Come and Be Inspired by our uplifting staff and joyful environment at Ananda Village. Here is what one of our first time guests shared about their experience: "I wanted to thank you again " Sh, CA

Learn more about body/mind connection...

Upcoming Programs:

Spiritual Renewal Week – Aug 6 - 13
Preparing for a Lifetime of Kriya – Aug 8 - 13
Kriya Yoga Initiation Aug 11th
How to Achieve Glowing Health Retreat – Aug 15 - 17
Learn to Meditate Retreat – Aug 18 - 20
First-Timers' Weekend – Sep 1 - 3
The Chakras: Inner Guide to Self-Realization– Sep 1 - 3
Yoga Therapy Training : Musculoskeletal 1 – Sep 8 - 18
Deepen Your Meditation Practice – Sep 8 - 10
Yoga Retreat for a Stronger Nervous System – Sep 8 - 10
Adventures in Spiritual Awakening: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – Sep 10 - 15

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