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The Bhagavad Gita is the most famous ancient Hindu text, and the most-loved Indian scripture. The battlefield setting of the Gita provides an allegory for the struggle we face as humans. The lessons of how to achieve victory in life, and how to triumph over pain and suffering, are revealed in the Gita.

We can gain a much greater understanding of these universal teachings when they are explored and explained by deep spiritual leaders. In The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita, Swami Kriyananda captures the great Guru Paramhansa Yogananda’s exposition of the Gita.

Nayaswamis Devi & Jyotish, Ananda’s Spiritual Directors, will lead us during the upcoming Inner Renewal Week - sharing practical applications of these timeless teachings. Please join us in “Going Deeper into God: Nine Gems for Living the Bhagavad Gita in Modern Times.”

“Those established in Sattwa rise upward.” Gita 14:18



Nayaswami Nityananda

Be a Karma Yogi while attending Inner Renewal Week.
If you have served as a Karma Yogi with us before, you can come for just one week. If you are new to our Karma Yoga Program, you must stay a minimum of two weeks. In that case, you should arrive at least a few days before Inner Renewal Week begins.

If you are a return Karma Yogi, please email us
not participated before
Please Apply Here:
Participation in this week can transform and deepen your spiritual life. This exceptional program, led by the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide, is offered to serious spiritual seekers. Please join Ananda Village on our annual retreat.

Introducing the How to Live Programs

Two New Series and 100 programs in 2019

The Create Your Life Series with Mantradevi.

Programs coming up soon: February 8 - 10

How to Have Courage,
Calmness, and Confidence

March 8 - 10


The Universal Upward Path Series with our new teacher, Kamran

Programs coming up soon:
Soul Activation
Awaken Inner Power and manifest the life you were meant to live
February 15 - 17

Yogic Leadership and Community Building
Use spiritual power to support and protect your soul family
March 15 - 17

Learn How to Meditate Retreat - February 8 - 10
Techniques for Peace of Mind and Balanced Living
Ananda Yoga Intensive - February 15 - 17
Challenge your strength, balance, and awareness of subtle energy.
Preparing for a Lifetime of Kriya - February 20 - 24
A review and deepening of your practices of AUM technique, Hong-Sau in the spine, and other advanced practices to prepare you for Kriya Yoga initiation.
Kriya Yoga Initiation - February 22- 24
Receive Kriya Yoga Initiation at a formal Vows Ceremony, a Kriya technique review, personal instruction, guidance and continued support.
How to Work with Change: Achieving True Goals - March 3 - 7
Embrace the next step on your unique spiritual journey with a sense of adventure, divine guidance, and joy.
Therapeutic Yoga Retreat - March 8 - 10
Discover the healing power of posture, movement, energy flows, breath, self-talk, and focus.
Free Yourself From Stress Retreat - March 15 - 17
Learn how to develop mental strength through concentration and meditation, to help you maintain calmness throughout the day.

Upcoming Trainings with:

Ananda Meditation Teacher Training Online - February 27 - May 8
10-Week Online Certification Course
Ananda Meditation Teacher Training In Person - March 5 - 17
Learn to share the benefits of meditation
Ananda Yoga Teacher Training - March 17 - April 14
A Spiritual Approach to Yoga
Ananda Yoga Assistantship - March 17 - 30
Level 2 program: Personal coaching in adapting poses, plus hands-on experience.
Bridge to Ananda Yoga - March 17 - 24
Transfer into Ananda’s Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training or Ananda Yoga Therapy Training

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