What is a Maghi? (The Gift Behind the Gift)

Maghi by definition means ‘giving of gifts.’  Swami Kriyananda gave me this name about a year before his passing. I serve in the boutique at The Expanding Light and a lot of people thought that this was why he had chosen Maghi for my name. I admit it does make people smile when they see a person with the name that means ‘giving of gifts’ in a gift store.

The giving of gifts is so much more than just a pretty box holding a pretty bauble. I have had the good karma to be surrounded by the gifts of friendship, thoughtfulness, service, and humor.  I have experienced the joy of these gifts and it has made me see how important these gifts are to give and share. It makes you feel happy and expansive when you give. You may give a kind word, a caring embrace, a smile, or hold the door open for someone who has too much in their hands. These are all little gifts that can give energy to a friend or stranger.

One day someone came into the shop and asked me to recommend a book. I walked over to the book area and tried to really feel what might be appropriate for her. I told her about Asha Praver’s new book, Love and Protected. I said that I thought she would find some very inspiring stories in it. She bought the book and headed home. Just a week or so ago she came back for a visit and told me that the book had saved her life. She had been really depressed and was not doing well when she remembered the book I had recommended. She thanked me in earnest for sharing it with her. She said that after just a few stories she was feeling much better and soon the feelings of depression were gone.

I hope that you will feel the need to be a maghi whenever you have a chance to share your own special gifts.

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