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Dear friend,

Global karma is impacting all of our lives.  What can we do with ourselves in the circumstance in which we find ourselves now?  In a sense, this is always the question.  However, the Masters have taught us that true happiness is found within ourselves.  It is not determined by external circumstances.  Can we stay centered through the storm?

We chose to incarnate at this time and place.  It surely must be that it was either to have the opportunity to burn through our karma, or to be of service to others.  I imagine that for most of us, we came for both of these complementary reasons.  As we are here now, we must seize the opportunity to accept and live through the karma in order to free ourselves.  Attachment to our ego’s desires would stop us from accepting and meeting the challenges with raised energy.  Find our home in Divine Love, and we can live in higher consciousness.  From there, we can be more free ourselves and serve others from a higher consciousness.

Swami Kriyananda said that we can’t get bad karma by helping other people.  The service of some may be purely through meditation and prayer.  Thank you!  We won’t get beyond this without you.   Others may be serving on the physical front lines.  Thank you!  Where would we be without you!  The more we are merged in God, the more our actions will avoid creating additional karma for ourselves. Being of service for others and for God means you can avoid ego attachment and more toward everlasting freedom. 

May the Masters bless and keep you.

Nityananda Hickey

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