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Dear Friends,

On this path it is often suggested that we see God in others.  I recently learned that Swami Kriyananda suggested that what we could do is look in other people’s eyes – to see God looking out at us.  I love this exercise of taking deeper the idea of seeing God in others.

You might enjoy this way to better connect with others, and God through them.

Joy to you!

Nityananda Hickey
Ananda Yoga for Restful Sleep
March  13 – 15, 2020
with Melody Hansen

In this age of over-stimulation, too many of us are in a stressed state.  In this state, sleep is disrupted, and our natural ability to heal is compromised. Fortunately, yoga has proven to be a natural antidote for reducing stress.  It calms the nervous system and rebalances the mind-body connection.

The Power of the Breath
March  13 – 15, 2020
with Vahini Sleighter

Breath is a precious source of life, but due to tension, long hours of sitting, stress, shyness, or negative emotions, most people only use a small amount of their respiratory capacity. Most of us aren't taking the full, rejuvenating breaths we are capable of. This affects our physical well-being as well as our emotions.

Get to know Vahini


Demand for the Enjoyment of Everything with the Joy of God.

O Spirt, teach me to enjoy Thee in spirit, that I may enjoy the world and my earthly duties with thy joy.  O Spirit, help me to train my senses, that they enjoy only good things.  Teach me to enjoy earthly pleasures with Thy joy.  Save me above all from the slightest touch of negativity, doubt and cynicism. 

Costa Rica Ananda Yoga Vacation Retreat

November 29 – December 6, 2020
with Melody Hansen & Annapurna De Lyle
  •     Explore the beauty of nature and eco-adventures
  •     Practice the deeper aspects of yoga and meditation on the beach
  •     Enjoy informal gatherings with stories, interesting discussions
  •     Swim in the pool and ocean, snorkel, hike, zip line, or kayak
  •     Relax, have a massage, chat with other like-minded new friends
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