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Dear Friends,

I just came across a note recording a great statement that Nayaswami Ananta once made: “He didn’t have a plan. He had a Guru.” I imagine he was talking about Swami Kriyananda, who gave us an exceptional example of living for the Guru. Another way of saying this is “His plan was to follow his Guru.”  The Masters want to come to us.  Why is it so hard to let them?

We created our karma. It is by accepting our karma that we become free. God’s grace allows us to face it. We tend to think we are expressing our freedom by making our own choices.  Actually, that affirms our attachment to delusion.

Putting our lives in the hands of God day by day, minute by minute, is our best hope for freedom.

Blessings on your journey.  Come visit us to get some support on your path.  

Joy to you.

Nityananda Hickey

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November 8 - 10
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