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Dear Friends,
Once, several years ago, Lalaan and I were invited to join a dinner party that included Swami Kriyananda as a guest.  Before the meal, I was helping to prep some condiments and ‘toppers’ for people to put on the home-made pizza being made.  With Swamiji in mind, I finely chopped everything and carefully separated the spicy things like onion and hot peppers.  I first brought the serving dish to Swamiji so he could select his toppings.  I was so surprised to see him heaping big spoonfuls of the hot and spicy options atop his pizza.  Swamiji enjoyed the spice of life.  He was not shy about taking big bites out of life.

Swami Kriyananda is a glowing example for us in so many ways.  One of these is his ability to be so interested and engaged in life without being attached.  Swami enjoyed being active, and so productive, with his lecturing, writing, musical composition, and all the rest he did.  He was optimistic.  However, he was not attached to the outcomes of what he did.  If one person showed up for a program, he sat down and gave to that person.  When the dome he was building collapsed, it did not diminish his joy.

The Bhagavad Gita teaches us to not have likes and dislikes.  That can be a little confusing.  Swamiji showed us the way.  Swami spoke of how dry was the approach of some ascetics to not enjoy anything, even a beautiful sunrise.  Swamiji fully engaged life.  He gave his all.  He always lived dharmically.  And Swamiji would not allow anything to take him away from his connection to peace.  Don’t let likes and dislikes get the better of you.  

Swami wrote:  “…. your worldly attachments, identities, and desires, I have to confess mean simply nothing to me, as my own mean nothing to me."

Swami would have enjoyed that pizza with peppers or not.

Nayaswami Nityananda

Nayaswami Nityananda

This program is for all spiritual seekers, Registered Yoga Teachers (35 hours CEU), or anyone who wants to immerse deep into the science and practicality of Yoga and Meditation. 

This full-immersion program will take you deeply into the teachings of The Bhagavad Gita so you will understand them not only intellectually, but intuitively and practically. 

Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and founder of Ananda, called the Gita “the world’s greatest scripture” -- because those teachings are given in a way that is so direct, accessible, and doable.

Nayaswamis Gyandev and Diksha
"The Gita is a guide for everyone on how to conduct life to achieve happiness no matter what one's religion. Gyandev and Diksha do a superb job of helping you apply this knowledge to your life situations."   —   V.S., Salem, OR
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Of incomparable natural beauty, the Himalayas have been central to scriptures, myths, and legends of countless cultures and religions. Linked to Self-realized masters for thousands of years, these mountains embody spiritual aspiration and mankind’s highest potential.

Watch this new video of the pilgrimage leaders, Nayaswamis Krishna Das and Mantradevi, talking about this very special experience.

Many of the spaces on this pilgrimage are already taken, to avoid dissapointment it would be best to book soon.
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First-Time Kriya Preparation Intensive -  May  12 - 19
A week of intensive meditation and exploration of Paramhansa Yogananda's techniques and teachings to prepare you for a life of deep Kriya practice.

Kriya Yoga Initiation -  May  17 - 19
This program is for those who have completed Kriya Yoga Preparation, or equivalent course. Receive Kriya Yoga Initiation at a formal Vows Ceremony, a Kriya technique review, personal instruction, guidance with your practice, and continued support.

Learn How to Meditate -  May  17 - 19
Techniques for Peace of Mind and Balanced Living
Meditation is our daily practice due to the tremendous benefits in enhancing mental clarity, inner peace, creativity, and overall physical health. Make it yours!

Soul Activation -  May  17 - 19
Awaken Inner Power and manifest the life you were meant to live
Cultivate your unique spiritual gifts and embody greater attunement with the heart’s higher nature. Awaken inner senses, increase lifeforce, learn to harness and express divine power in every moment.

Strengthen Your Kriya Yoga Practice Retreat -  May  19 - 20
For those who've had Kriya initiation—guided practices, personal help, and extra support for taking the technique deeper.

First-Timers' Retreat -  May  24 - 26

A perfect getaway in a beautiful atmosphere. With a blend of relaxation, inspiration, yoga postures, meditation instruction, and delicious vegetarian food. A weekend filled with lots of great experiences.

Prenatal Yoga Retreat -  May  24 - 26
Find focus through balance and the breath to connect mother and baby, and to prepare for a healthy, mindful, more natural approach to labor and birth.

Advanced Pranayama -  May  26 - June 2
Pranayama is the key to a deep experience of yoga postures and meditation. Based on Paramhansa Yogananda's teachings.

Spiritualize Your Daily Life Retreat -  May  31 - June 2
Attitudes for Everyday Joy and Success
In two days, you can turn your life around. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, with hope restored–from reconnecting with your own Higher Self.

Yogic Leadership and Community Building -  May  31 - June 2
Use spiritual power to support and protect your family and friends
Use dynamic consciousness to transmute suffering and difficulty into new solutions and unlimited possibility. Unleash leadership potential by learning to empower vibrations, ideas, and relationships at will.

The Chakras: Inner Guide to Self-Realization -  June  7 - 9
Use visualization, affirmation, color and sound, music, breathing, and hatha yoga to help you attune more deeply to astral energies

Life Transitions: What's My Next Step? -  June  7 - 9
Gain important tools and insights for understanding yourself more deeply and better cooperate with the flow of your life. Learn how to move in a positive, growthful, and spiritually uplifting direction.

Upcoming Trainings with:

Ananda Yoga® Prenatal Teacher Training
May 24 - 27
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training will leave you feeling confident and well prepared with knowledge and the ability to safely and lovingly work with prenatal yoga students.

Ananda Yoga® Therapy Training: Holistic Health Therapist Training
June 2 - 7
You can prevent or reverse bone-density loss. Therapeutic Ananda Yoga® provides safe techniques to strengthen your bones and muscles, the enjoyable yoga routine both physically beneficial and spiritually uplifting.

Restorative Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training
June 12 - 15
CEU credits
Restorative yoga is a popular way for beginning through advanced yoga students to experience true relaxation - often the most difficult skill to master.

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