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Dear Friends,

It is through forgiveness that I am often able to clear blockages and move forward.  I remember many years ago when I was angry at my brother for his behavior and his words.  Suddenly, I remembered the teachings on forgiveness.  With an “Oh yeah!” I let go of the anger.  John wasn’t around.  Maybe he benefitted by my releasing the anger, I don’t know.  But I know I did!

Had my brother acted badly?  Yes.  Did I want to use that as an excuse to hold my righteous anger.  Oh yeah.  It doesn’t matter which end of the event in which you find yourself – forgiveness will free you.

Paramhansa Yogananda, in Whispers from Eternity, wrote:  “O Spirit, Father, save me from the fever-attacks of anger that have burned my brain, stressed my nerves, and poisoned my very blood…….”

“Help me to see only kindness reflected in my mental lake.  Why disturb those calm waters with blasts of disharmony, producing only misery and useless agitation.”

I’ve no doubt the New Year will provide us all with endless opportunities to practice forgiveness!  My resolution is to meet them head-on.

Many Blessings,

Nityananda Hickey

Inner Renewal Week

Going Deeper into God

February  2 – 9, 2020

Jyotish and Devi, the spiritual directors of Ananda Worldwide, lead this wonderful week. They share the most beautiful and useful spiritual teachings with magnetic joy, humor, humility, and personal experience. Each person who attends is lifted to a new and more useful approach to his or her spiritual life.

The members of Ananda Village take time off work to participate in this annual refreshing and uplifting of our spiritual lives. We are joined by many people from other Ananda communities.  We invite you to join us, too! Our new Temple of Light will be alive with the presence of God, and with a sense of loving and sharing with all.

Over the years, guests entirely new to The Expanding Light Retreat have joined us and received a tremendous lift to their spiritual life.

This jewel of a week should not be missed!

Retreats to help you become your best self.

Feel safe, decompress, connect with what is important, focus on what's next, and re-energize.  Receive guided inspirational support in times of personal transition,
absorb peaceful, loving energy - and leave renewed.

Just some of the benefits you will receive at The Expanding Light Retreat.

spiritual immersions - yoga for health - opening your heart - connect with nature

First time guests: take 20% off NEW February or March 2020 programs.
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(considered by many to be the spiritual heir to Gandhi.)

      "Vinoba Bhave used to explain the royal road to forgiveness to us. There are some skeptics who can only see faults in everyone. Their skepticism prevents them from practicing forgiveness. Then there are people who see some good and some bad in everyone; these are the rationalists. For them, practicing forgiveness is also difficult. Then there are people who mainly see good in everyone. They can begin to practice forgiveness. Then there are those who, on finding some small virtue in others, magnify it, praise it extravagantly, and shower them with appreciation. These are the people on the royal road to forgiveness.


      “I questioned whether this kind of behavior was honest and truthful. Vinoba responded that when you see a small virtue in someone, you need to realize that this good quality represents a reservoir of virtue hidden in their hearts. By focusing on that virtue, you shine a light on it. It is comparable to reading a map in which one inch represents ten miles. Although on the map you see an inch, you know that on the ground it is ten miles. In the same way, you may look at one small virtue in a badly behaved person and know that he or she has the potential to be a saint. In fact, it is possible to transform an evil person into a saint by forgiveness.”


From the article The Power of Forgiveness by Satish Kumar.  Parabola Magazine, Fall 2019 edition

Spanish Kings and Saints, Cathedrals and Castles:

Connect with Higher Consciousness of Ancient Spain & Portugal

May  23 – June 8, 2020

Leaders: Nayaswami Krishnadas & Nayaswami Matradevi

Spain and Portugal are rich with art, architecture, history, and saints. Exploring these makes for a full and satisfying journey. The experience of pilgrimage to the sites of some of the greatest saints in history will leave you changed forever. Your inner perspective will be expanded and uplifted. Blessed memories will live on in your heart and mind, reminding you of high truths that are always within you.
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January 10 - 12
Life Transitions: What's My Next Step?
January 10 - 12,
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January 26 - 31
Life, Death, and the Astral World
January 31 - February 2
First-Time Kriya Preparation Retreat
February 5 - 9
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February 6 - 9
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Path of the Heart
February 14 - 16
Spiritualize Your Marriage
February 14 - 16
Ananda Yoga® to Awaken the Chakras
February 14 - 16
Opening the Chakras for Deeper Intuition
February 21 - 23
Restorative Yoga to Relax and Rejuvenate
February 21 - 23
First-Timers' Weekend Retreat
February 28 - March 1
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Ananda Yoga® Therapy Training: Principles
January 19 - 26
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January 26 - 29
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January 29 - February 1
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February 18 - 24
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February 26 - May 6
Ananda Yoga® Therapy Training: Musculoskeletal–2
February 26 - March 2
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