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Dear Friends,

Art plays an important part in human expression and upliftment. Swami Kriyananda expressed beauty and spirituality through music, photography, writing, plays and movies.  He appreciated beauty and worked to create it at the Crystal Hermitage and elsewhere.

Art is not limited to the Arts!  Whatever you do, one way to lift and spiritualize it is to approach it artfully.  Motion can be clumsy or elegant.  Speech can be crude or elevated.  (It's sad how so many people “out there” denigrate themselves and others through their choice of words.)  Raking can be experienced as drudgery - or as a joyful act improving the environment and making things more beautiful.

If your first reaction is “what I do couldn't be artful,” this may be an opportunity to explore your approach to what you are doing.  Perhaps your workspace could use some attention, which would lift the energy.  How can you bring creativity to what you do?  Can you find the higher purpose?  Make your output more clear and appealing?  Can you beautify your service to others by expressing more joy and by being more caring?

A genuine smile is always beautiful. 

Joy to you.

Nityananda Hickey
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Therapeutic Yoga Retreat
October 18 – 20
Discover the healing power of posture, movement, energy flows, breath, self-talk, and focus.  Gain important self-assessment and therapeutic techniques.  Go deeper into how to apply what you've learned in your daily practice.
How to Work with Change: Achieving Your True Goals
October 20 – 24
This course will guide you to embrace the next step on your unique spiritual journey with a sense of adventure, divine guidance, and ever-new joy.
A Balanced Life – Plug Into Joy:
A Spiritual Digital Detox
October 4 - 6
Learn How to Meditate Retreat
October 4 - 6
Prenatal Yoga Retreat
October 4 - 6
First-Timers' Week
October 6 - 11
First-Time Kriya Preparation Retreat
October 9 - 13
Kriya Yoga: Vow Renewal Weekend
October 11 - 13
Strengthen Your Kriya Yoga Practice Retreat
October 13
How to Know and Trust Your Inner Guidance
November 1 - 3
Ananda Yoga® to Awaken the Chakras
November 1 - 3
Sustainable Spirituality
November 8 - 10
Ananda Meditation® Solutions Meditation Teacher Training Level 2
October 6 - 13
Ananda Spiritual Counseling® Training
October 15 - 20
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training
October 27 - November 24
Ananda Yoga® Assistantship 
October 27 - November 9
Bridge to Ananda Yoga®
October 27 - November 3
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