October 2020 Newsletter

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Dear friend,

Paramhansa Yogananda advised us to “think of Divine Abundance as a mighty, refreshing rain; whatever receptacle you have at hand will receive it. If you hold up a tin cup, you will receive only that quantity. If you hold up a bowl, that will be filled”. October is the beginning of a perfect time to bring in the harvest of our farms and markets, to treasure our special friendships near and far, and to celebrate the abundance of the blessings of our spiritualized lives. Hold up your big heart!

Yogananda asked us to further consider: “What kind of receptacle are you holding up to Divine Abundance? Perhaps your vessel is defective; if so, it should be repaired by casting out all fear, hate, doubt, and envy, and then cleansed by the purifying waters of peace, tranquility, devotion, and love. Divine Abundance follows the law of service and generosity. Give and then receive. Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.”

Although our retreat doors remain closed our hearts remain open to our Divine friendship we share with you. We send our love and light and hold you in our prayers. Enjoy the abundance of ways to connect with Ananda, some of which we’ve shared below.  


Nityananda Hickey

Thousands worldwide have been inspired by Asha for over four decades. A disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, she studied since 1969 with Swami Kriyananda. With her warmth, wit & wisdom, she helps people express spirituality in daily life. Here is a link to her inspiring You Tube channel, The Inner Life with Asha.

NEW – We are delighted to announce that Melody Hansen and many of the Ananda Yoga teaching staff will be offering our Ananda Yoga Teacher Training ONLINE this January. We don’t have a webpage ready yet but will soon. We invite you to share this news with friends who might be looking to expand and deepen their lives through this profound online Certification training. A special focus will be given to training people how to teach Ananda Yoga online.

Supported Silent Retreats are now available at the beautiful Ananda Meditation Retreat.
Experience the nurturing quality of a Silent Retreat in a supportive COVID- safe group environment where you can still your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Our meditation gardens and wild forest setting provide the perfect backdrop for you to go deep into silence and re-connect with your true reality… the soul’s ever-existing Peace.

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