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Dear friend,

I am thankful for the opportunity to write these little notes. Very often, I am writing to myself every bit as much as to you. I’m trying to remind myself what we have been taught – and how I might do better. Thank you for sharing the journey with me. I send you love and blessings on your path.

Do you sometimes feel that you are “not getting anything” by doing your spiritual practices? Try shifting your attitude to one of giving, instead of trying to get. Give yourself to God. Don’t worry about the results. Leave all worries and disappointments in God’s hands. She knows our hearts. With God, it’s best just to give, and to give devotionally.

Joy to you,


Nayaswami Nityananda

Now Open at Ananda Village
Ananda Yoga® Therapy Clinic

A healing service of the Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation

Wellness Solutions for Body, Mind, and Spirit

You can now get private yoga therapy sessions with our Ananda Yoga® Therapy teachers!

Do you have back or joint pain, low bone density, high blood pressure, autoimmune illness, anxiety/depression, stress or other health issues? Our clinic staff can help you! Ananda Yoga® Therapy combines ancient practices with modern tools, unlocking your natural ability to heal.

Two ways to experience the healing effect of Ananda Yoga® Therapy

Option One: Make an online reservation and visit the clinic for one or many sessions. We are 30 minutes from central Nevada City. If you are traveling a distance you can stay overnight at The Expanding Light Retreat. You will need to separately reserve a room in advance for a Personal Retreat visit.

Option Two: If you are attending a program or training at The Expanding Light Retreat, or staying on Personal Retreat then you can reserve an appointment through the clinic reservations tool on the website. If you are coming for a program we suggest you either come early for your clinic appointment, or extend your stay, as many retreat programs will have you busy for your entire stay. If you are coming for Personal Retreat you should book your clinic appointment as soon as you have your dates for your visit. Reserve your appointment here.
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Free Yourself From Stress Retreat - March 15 - 17
Practice the techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda to help you to relax physically and mentally. Learn how to develop mental strength through concentration and meditation. Maintain calmness throughout the day.

Yogic Leadership & Community Building - March 15 - 17
Use spiritual power to support and protect your family and friends
Use dynamic consciousness to transmute suffering and difficulty into new solutions and unlimited possibility. Unleash leadership potential by learning to empower vibrations, ideas, and relationships at will.

Cosmic Attunement: Vernal Equinox - March 22 - 24
Illumination, Balance, Rejuvenation, New Life
Tap in the healing heart of Earth’s awakening life force vitality. Dive deep into physical and spiritual rejuvenation: awaken spiritual gifts, insight, inspiration, guidance and support from the spiritual forces all around you.

First-Timers' Weekend - March 22 - 24
A perfect getaway—with a blend of relaxation, inspiration, yoga postures, meditation instruction, and delicious vegetarian food—in a beautiful spiritual atmosphere. So much to experience in one weekend.

How to Know and Trust Your Inner Guidance - March 29 - 31
Intuition is a human faculty deeper than thought – the clear inner knowing of what is true, a skill that can be learned and developed.

Law of Attraction - April 5 - 7
Attuning Yourself with the Universal Power of Abundance
Learn how to master the universal keys to becoming successful. Attract Your true purpose: A retreat to attain abundance.

The Next Step in My Relationships - April 5 - 7
Fearless Loving: Deepening and Finding Relationship Fulfillment
Relationships are the most powerful motivators for inner growth and an unparalleled way to learn about yourself. In the mirror of others you have the opportunity to see your own self.

Upcoming Trainings with:

Ananda Meditation Teacher Training - March 5 - 17
We’ve been training Meditation Teachers for 50 years
Ananda Yoga Teacher Training - March 17 - April 14
A Spiritual Approach to Yoga
Ananda Yoga Assistantship - March 17 - 30
Level 2 program: Personal coaching in adapting poses, plus hands-on experience.
Bridge to Ananda Yoga - March 17 - 24
Transfer into Ananda’s Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training or Ananda Yoga Therapy Training

Stay connected with Ananda Worldwide: online, in books, in spiritual community.

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