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Dear friend,

I know I could do better with my meditations. This new year seems like a wonderful time to extend and deepen our practice. If you are interested in working in that direction, you will find a lot of support from Ananda this year, as meditation will be a key theme for the year.

Why do we want to meditate? To increase calmness. To center our minds, leading to clearer thinking and better decisions. To increase focus, leading to more effective expenditure of our energies. To improve our health, for example in reducing susceptibility to colds. Yesterday at lunch, a guest told us that he’d seen a study that said meditating reduced colds by 70%. We’re aware of a strong connection between meditation and dental health. Stress reduction. The Mayo Clinic reports meditation may help people manage symptoms of

· Anxiety disorders
· Asthma
· Cancer
· Depression
· Heart disease
· High blood pressure
· Pain
· Sleep problems

Tempering disruptive emotions. To be a positive influence in the world. To experience the remarkably nurturing essence of true quiet. And if you are using the techniques shared at Ananda: To be happier. To raise consciousness. To understand better who we really are. To grow spiritually. To sit in bliss. To enter a higher astral plane when we leave our bodies. To know God.

There is potential here for a deeply meaningful New Year’s resolution. Let’s try it together. Perhaps you can visit us at The Expanding Light Retreat a little more often to gain tools and support. If you have been here before, you how wonderful our staff members and guests are. It’s hard to picture a more supportive environment.

“No storm can shake my inmost calm
While to that refuge clinging.”

From the song “How Can I Keep From Singing?”

May you know deep inner calm in this New Year.
Nayaswami Nityananda

Group meditation at Expanding Light Temple,Ananda Village
Inner Renewal Week
Going Deeper into God
Sunday, January 29 – Sunday, February 5, 2016

This week can permanently transform and deepen your spiritual life. It is led by the spiritual directors of Ananda Worldwide and offered to serious spiritual seekers. Jyotish and Devi share the most beautiful and practical spiritual teachings with magnetic joy, humor, humility – based on personal experience. Due to demand, only shared rooms are available.

Reach Deeper

Devotion is always paramount. When it is offered only outwardly, however, there can be no question of merging in the actual experience of God’s love. It is like being at a banquet: The one who eats best, and with the greatest enjoyment, is he who eats in silence, not he who keeps on loudly and repeatedly exclaiming how delicious the food is!

from The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita, explained by Paramhansa Yogananda, as remembered by Swami Kriyananda,
Crystal Clarity Publishers

Pranayama for Meditators - Gyandev McCord

Pranayama for Meditators
Keys to a Quiet, Powerful Mind
January 13 – 16, 2017


  • Special exercises, including simple asana, for easier, more natural breathing
  • Pranayama techniques to help you quiet your mind and keep it focused
  • A personal consultation to help you overcome challenges with pranayama and/or meditation
  • Going beyond working with the physical breath, to the true purpose of pranayama practice: controlling the life-force, an invaluable tool for higher consciousness as well as outward accomplishment
  • A menu of pranayama practices to meet your needs in any given moment
  • Plenty of practice time for both pranayama and meditation
Breathe Deeper

Until now; I had supposed that a life of meditation might give me, at best, a little peace of mind. But here I discovered, all at once, that the fruit of the spiritual life is a love and bliss “beyond imagination of expectancy”!

From The Hindu Way of Awakening: Its Revelation, Its Symbols
by Swami Kriyananda, Crystal Clarity Publishers

Discover Your Own Happiness Retreat
  • Jan 22 – 27, 2017
  • Jun 11 – 16, 2017
  • Oct 29 – Nov 3, 2017

Nursing CEU Eligible: 14 hours CEU

Take a 5-day vacation for personal transformation.
  • Learn how to experience happiness amidst the challenges of life
  • Get in-depth instruction to help make meditation part of your life
  • Discover meditation's role in true happiness
  • Outwit the “happiness thieves"
  • Learn how to strengthen your mind to make better choices
  • Learn how to feel connected to higher awareness in your daily life
  • Enjoy a nurturing retreat, with gentle yoga and meditation daily, in a restful environment with delicious vegetarian fare
Live Deeper
Upcoming Sample Programs:

Prenatal Yoga Retreat
Developing Intuition Retreat: Know and Trust Your Inner Guidance
Kundalini Power
Recreate Yourself
Awaken Spiritual Peace Yoga Retreat
How to Achieve Glowing Health & Vitality

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