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Dear friend,

Do you like or love - either or both of me? Do you remember this great line from the Phoebe Snow song? Okay probably most of you aren't old enough.

Sometimes we're at our best, sometimes not. Do you have people who love you no matter how you are doing today? Or this year? And how about you. Can you love others even when they are not at their best? There is no better way to connect with people who know how to love than to be one yourself.

There may be people you can't bring yourself to like. That's probably a personality thing. Can you love them anyway? That's a soul thing. Negativity that we carry hurts us.

I am very blessed to be loved. Most of all by God and my Guru Paramhansa Yogananda. These lines from Phoebe's sweet song remind me of the joys of unconditional love.

Sometimes this life gets so empty
That I become afraid.
Then I remember you're in it
And I think I might still have it made.

To loving and being loved,

Dr Shanti Rubenstone Video on healing

Ananda Spiritual Counseling Program Oct 17 - 22, 2017

An uplifting training for anyone interested in the art of listening and being supportive to others Recognize subconscious, conscious, and superconscious thinking.

2016 Ananda Spiritual Counseling® Training Testimonial video by Carol

Statuary from the Crystal Hermitage Gift Shop

Order online. And next time you are here, visit to see the full selection of statues and the Shrine of the Masters Museum.
Bring Your Group to Gaia House
  • Private grounds and garden with scenic views
  • Dedicated Learning Suite & outdoor meeting spaces
  • Sleeps up to 13 people, with overflow nearby
  • Family-style dining area and fully equipped kitchen
  • Six uniquely furnished bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms
  • Sustainable rammed earth walls, 4700 sq. ft of space
  • Laundry facilities on site

Learn More... and watch our Virtual Tour below

Karma Yoga Offering

Selfless Service is a great way to grow spiritually - this includes a raja yoga course - come experience community living.
Our Karma Yoga program includes a balance of selfless service, daily discussions, and spiritual fellowship. Learn and practice yoga and meditation more deeply.
Upcoming Retreats and Trainings:

Managing Chronic Pain and Transcending It – Oct 13 - 15
First-Timers Week – Oct 15 - 20
How to Be a Channel of Divine Grace & Healing – Oct 20 - 22
A Pilgrimage to the India of Yogananda – Oct 23 - Nov 13
Learn How to Meditate Retreat – Oct 27 - 29
Deepen Your Divine Connection – Nov 3 - 5
Restore with Ananda Yoga Retreat – Nov 3 - 5
Therapeutic Yoga Retreat –Nov 10 - 12
Prepare for a Lifetime of Kriya –Dec 6 - 10

ASY&M Trainings:
Ananda Meditation® Solutions - MTT 2– Oct 8 - 15
Spiritual Counseling Training – Oct 17 - 22
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training – Oct 22 - Nov 19
Bridge to Ananda Yoga – Oct 22 - 30

See our complete calendar listings here

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