Ananda Yoga® Therapy Training: Musculoskeletal–2

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Faculty Nicole DeAvilla

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This course focuses on integrating subject matter learned and putting it into practical use for student/clients with primarily musculoskeletal issues. It builds upon the knowledge gained in Musculoskeletal I and their assigned practicum experiences. Anatomy and physiology are reviewed in the context of working with clients and communicating with health care providers.

Students will have opportunities to practice intake, evaluating, critical thinking skills, communication, and to lead and teach appropriate yoga therapy techniques including both subtle and gross interventions, conduct sessions, provide daily living advice, and give homework/home routines as appropriate to clients needs, constitution, and circumstances, and follow-up. 

Teaching Format

Prior to the residential section of this course, students will be required to view online yoga training videos, which include Power Point and lecture, case studies, therapeutic intervention instruction, professional development, and assignment information. Students will be required to do a number of tasks such as note taking during online case studies, take quizzes, write reflection essays, and do research on an assigned topic, which will culminate in a live talk/presentation during the residential aspect of their program.

During the residential portion of the course there will be follow-up on the assignments from the online training, as well as their practicum, which was assigned in Musculoskeletal I. All students are required to participate in the discussions. They will be trained in more acute care and hands-on training.

Private session and group session training will include lots of time for students to practice teaching with peer and faculty observation and feedback. There will be a clinic/practicum, where they will teach both group and private sessions under supervision of faculty, with a focus on integrating and practicing learned concepts, techniques, and skills.

For further information, please see the Course Syllabus.

Nicole DeAvilla

Nicole DeAvilla

Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, Certified Ananda Yoga Therapist

E-RYT500, RPYT = Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, RCYT = Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher
Nicole completed her initial Ananda Yoga(R) Teacher Training in 1984 at The Expanding Light Retreat. She has a background in Sports Medicine Research, chiropractic physiotherapy, dance, track, writing and parent education.

  • Pioneer yoga instructors in prenatal/postpartum yoga and yoga therapy. She teaches advanced teacher training in yoga therapy and prenatal/postpartum yoga and private instruction to yoga teachers. Nicole teaches students of yoga from beginners to advanced
  • Former member International Association of Yoga Therapists Accreditation Committee – charged with implementing the new Educational Standards for Yoga Therapists
  • Faculty for Ananda Yoga Therapist Training and Prenatal Yoga Training at the Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation
  • Yoga Researcher, Author of numerous articles and blog posts
  • Public Speaker

E-RYT500 = Experienced Yoga Teacher having completed a minimum 500 hour training, has at least 2000 hours of teaching experience and has taught at least 4 years since graduating.

Nicole’s hours, training and experience far exceed these minimum requirements with nearly 30 years of teaching and 25 years of training yoga teachers and yoga therapists she has over 10,000 hours of experience
RPYT = Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher
RCYT = Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher

“Nicole is an excellent, attentive instructor. She is detailed oriented and creative, able to give exactly what I was asking about!”A.P.
“Nicole is an amazing teacher. She is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot more about yoga and proper alignment in one weekend than in my 5 years of yoga practice.”A.C.
“Nicole is knowledgeable, informative, friendly, and a wonderful example of spirituality.”KL
“I enjoyed the personal attention.”

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