Krishnadas LoCicero

Spiritual Travel Host, Meditation Teacher, Manager of Guest Groups, Ananda Minister and Counselor
What is a nayaswami?

An exceptionally knowledgeable and gifted meditation teacher, Nayaswami Krishnadas shares his passion for meditation with dynamic enthusiasm. Over the last three decades he has taught thousands of people, from all over the world, how to meditate. His classes are filled with information and valuable meditation techniques. In a down-to-earth and humorous way, Krishnadas emphasizes helping you understand the basic principles involved. He then gives you the tools to create a regular, daily meditation practice.

A long-time resident, teacher, and minister of Ananda Village, Krishnadas has co-directed Ananda Centers and communities in Seattle, Portland, Dallas, and Los Angeles. He has a vibrant zest for life that comes out in a warm, personable nature and serviceful disposition. He’ll go out of his way to make you feel comfortable and clear about meditating. People often feel they’ve gained a friend after taking his classes. Plus, they are deeply inspired and motivated to meditate!

Krishnadas oversees visiting groups to the Expanding Light and also leads groups to spiritual hot spots on Pilgrimage. Here he is explaining the benefits of the Himalayan Pilgrimage.

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From Krishnadas:

“One of my deepest passions and joy is to teach people to meditate, because I know what it’s done for me. If you give meditation even a small degree of effort you’ll get results. You’ll then naturally want to do more. And, like me, there will come a time when you can’t imagine life without it.”


"It’s difficult for me to even put into words the impact these Meditation classes have had on me. Before Krishnadas' enlightened explanations about what meditation truly is and the benefits it provides, I was never very motivated to meditate. Now, oftentimes, it is all I want to do."

— Lori N., Los Angeles

Krishnadas is an excellent teacher. He has much wisdom and experience, which is very evident in his teaching style. His commitment to the Light is a great inspiration to all!

— Emery B. Guillory
Director of Business Development
Millennium Financial Consultants LLC
Lynwood, CA 90262


From the article: Finding Calmness in Action

To alleviate stress I maintain a regular, daily meditation practice, which helps me go into my day calm.

Typically what activates any stress in me comes when too many things converge in the moment vying for my attention. A list of to-do's to get to, being on the phone with another line ringing and a guest needing attention.

To remain calmly active I stay focused on what I am doing in each moment. I remember to breathe deeply with a deliberate slow exhalation. I project calmness to those I am serving.”

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