Spiritualize Your Marriage

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with Dhyan Garcia-Davis and Shyama Garcia Davis


A couple meditating at Crystal Hermitage

"Love is the very essence of reality."  —Swami Kriyananda

“Realize that love is inside you. No one can ever rob you of your ability to give love. In loving others lies our true happiness.”     —Swami Kriyananda


It’s time to celebrate and spiritually renew your marriage bond. This weekend is a time to re-focus your relationship on what matters most in your lives. Revitalize your marriage with new insights, and enliven the life you share together. Through this weekend you will take your marriage to a new, dynamic, and fulfilling level.

  • Relax and enjoy together in a beautiful and picturesque nature setting
  • Learn new and undiscovered facets of each other
  • Explore your divine, karmic purpose for being together
  • Practice meditation and (optional) yoga postures together
  • Share delicious meals and experiences with like-minded couples

Renewing Ananda wedding vows in the Hermitage Chapel

Through joyful discovery and guided activities, you will:

  • Rekindle your heart connection
  • Learn how to deepen and sustain your divine friendship
  • Expand your awareness and your understanding of one another
  • Gain tools for solutions and greater communication

Special Weekend Highlights

Two special experiences during this retreat are a marriage renewal ceremony in the beautiful Crystal Hermitage Chapel, with the Ananda Wedding vows, followed by a candlelight dinner in the exquisite setting of Crystal Hermitage. Deep, spiritual, and fun! This weekend retreat will help you take your relationship to a new level (even if it's a good relationship already) and to grow spiritually.

Retreat Leaders 

Dhyan and Shyama are ideally suited to lead this retreat. They are both Ananda teachers who radiate loving kindness and joy. Happily married, they have shared their enthusiasm for meditation and the spiritual life with people from around the world.

With a playful and engaging spirit, they assist couples in experiencing a depth of love in relationship that goes beyond the ordinary.

A common comment made by guests after completing this program is that they wished it were longer. We recommend that you stay on an extra day as Personal Retreat guests to further absorb your experience and spend another great day with your spouse.

"Marriage should not be approached as a beautiful, but motionless, painting. Rather, it should be viewed as an opportunity for ever-further growth and development. Couples should seek fresh ways every day to express their love for one another, and to bring out the best in each other, and in themselves."

—from Self Expansion Through Marriage, by Swami Kriyananda

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From Weekend Participants:

"This is the 3rd time we've come to this retreat- I think that speaks for itself! I catch a new fundamental insignt each time. I could see adding another day, and still it wouldn't be enough!"

"Krishnadas and Mantradevi are absolute gems. Their dedication shines through each word. My husband and I learn something new about each other every time. This weekend has made our marriage stronger and more loving." —SS and SS, Washoe Valley, NV

We cannot put into words how much our weekend together at The Expanding Light helped our marriage. We see each other in a different light now, a radiant, loving light. We try to put one another first and foremost and honor ourselves, as well as each other. What a beautiful feeling to be connected in such a way! Thank you for our weekend and inspiration. We hope to see you again soon!”

— L.W. and G.W., San Francisco, CA

'"The spiritual wedding ceremony was so sweet and powerful. There were 5 couples participating together. I felt the power of each step of the ceremony magnified by our collective participation."

"Krishnadas and Mantradevi's long time experience as a couple manifested through all their interactions; that modeling had as much of an impact as the verbal instruction." — BD and JD, Sacramento 

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Dhyan Garcia-Davis

Dhyan Garcia-Davis

Tyagi Dhyan lives at Ananda Village and serves with the Online Ministry, enthusiastically sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda with others. With clear insight and joy, Dhyan extends loving support to truth seekers everywhere.

See all programs, articles, and full bio of Dhyan Garcia-Davis.

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