Nayaswami Mantradevi

Led by Nayaswami Mantradevi

Discover Your Own Happiness Retreat

  • Jun 30 – Jul 5, 2017

Who doesn’t want to be happy? During this 5-day retreat to discover happiness, you will:

  • Get in-depth instruction to help make meditation part of your life, and discover meditation's role in true happiness
  • Outwit the happiness "thieves"
  • Learn how to strengthen your mind to make better choices
  • Learn how to feel connected to higher awareness in your daily life
  • Enjoy a nurturing retreat, with gentle yoga and meditation daily, in a restful environment with delicious vegetarian fare
  • Celebrate a "small town" 4th of July!

Nefreteete with guest at The Expanding Light RetreatAnd there’s more. You'll gain strategies and tools for handling difficult situations with other people. How to:

  • Develop successful relationships
  • Experience more harmony in yourself and in your relationships
  • Protect yourself from negative energies

In addition to all of the above, your retreat will include classes on:

  • Learning moment-to-moment habits that promote happiness
  • Breathing exercises, yoga, and Energization for raising your energy level and focus
  • How to take all that you have learned home with you and keep it going

True happiness is within you always—you just need to know how to find it. During this Discover Your Own Happiness Retreat, you will learn how to experience happiness within you, and learn to find it amidst the challenges of life.

hessan during meditationMeditation will be an important key. Meditation changes the structure of your brain, and directs you to the pre-frontal lobes, where happiness lives within you. You will learn a specific technique that makes meditation much easier. And you will learn how to use meditation to transform your life.

You will receive as part of this course, How to Be Happy All the Time by Paramhansa Yogananda. We will use it as a resource throughout the week. 

Take a retreat, and return home happier, healthier, and stronger!

"If you have given up hope of ever being happy, cheer up. Never lose hope. Your soul, being the reflection of the ever-joyous Spirit, is happiness itself. If you keep the eyes of your concentration closed, you cannot see the sun of happiness burning within your bosom. Open the portals of calmness and you will find the bright sun of joy within

"If you have made up your mind to find joy within yourself, sooner or later you will find it. Seek it daily, by continuously deeper meditation within, and you will surely find everlasting happiness. Make a steady effort to go within, and you will find your greatest happiness there."

          —Paramhansa Yogananda

From our guests:

"Since coming home, I've been doing great! I'm meditating every day in the morning for around 20 minutes, I've been exercising 5 days a week and keeping up my positive energy. I just can't believe all the baggage that I left behind at the retreat! It's just incredible how I relate to and handle situations now that before would have me back in my slippers and isolating myself in the house. My kids are loving "happy mom" and my husband is saying, "happy wife, happy life"! He's on cloud 9 with me! 
"The only thing I'm having difficulties with is everyone's compliments about how I've changed and I've got my smile and energy back. And how proud of me they are. Things could be worse right?!! Lol! —C.O., Auburn, CA

Mantradevi teaching class at The Expanding Light Retreat

"This program helped give me tools to cultivate more happiness in my life. A lot of thought was put into the exercises we did. I loved being in a place that so nurtures spirituality, and being around loving, like-minded people. Ananda is a safe haven for me and feels like home. I enjoyed being able to express myself in the group with ease." —M.M., Sparks, NV

"I feel more confident with meditation practice." —Jill

"This program met and exceeded my needs. Most helpful. Thoughtful, good pacing and variety of experience. Good ideas that helped inspired confidence that i will truly retain and practice." —Dennis, Davis, CA

"I learned a lot about my body, soul, thoughts, and energy through the classes, private consultations, and talks with other people in our group." —F.F., San Francisco, CA

"After many years on the spiritual path, I was mired in the many faces of inertia, experienced variously as skepticism, fatigue, boredom, and/or disillusionment. My Light was dimming.  Through your enlightened guidance, wise spiritual modelling and heart-centred sharing, I am transformed."   — Kristina, B.C.

"What can I say? Your 'Happiness' class spoke perfectly to me, and I received the understanding and tools to take back my life! How can the words 'Thank you' be enough?  — Diana, Seattle, WA

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  • Jun 30 – Jul 5, 2017
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