Annapurna DeLyle

Ananda Yoga® Instructor, E-RYT 200, Ananda Meditation® Teacher

Annapurna DeLyle graduated from Ananda Institute of Living Yoga, in Bothell, Washington, and has been teaching yoga since 2007. She has been a student of Ayurveda since 1990, and continues her education with Kerala Ayurveda School in Wellness Counseling.

She loves teaching yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda and helping others discover their natural energy, health, and joy. She lives at Ananda Village with her son.

What Annapurna says about teaching yoga:

It’s a joy to see the roomful of students come alive and stand more upright. When they leave feeling energized and blessed, I also feel great joy and blessing. Students often come up to me after a sadhana and thank me for the devotional experience, through the affirmations and my voice. They say they feel like I reach them with my energy, and they feel loved and nurtured.

From her students:

"I found the entire experience at YTT to be amazing, knowing that as hard as we worked, all of you were working that much harder to give us a good experience, as well as top-notch education.  I especially appreciated your ability to connect with us on our level, in a gentle, human way that made sense of how to go about teaching the asanas. I distinctly remember one of your classes, in which there seemed to be such a smooth, intuitively gentle, yet vitalizing theme, each of the postures flowing in what seemed like perfect coordination.  I remember thinking to myself: Now I know how I want to teach Ananda Yoga. I even mentioned that to several of the others students who had the same experience. I miss everyone, and think of my experience there on a daily basis." C.M., Corning, CA

"Restorative yoga with Annapurna was more healing than I could have ever imagined. After Annapurna's Restorative Chakra class, I woke up seeing a beautiful violet light. It was a unique experience, and I felt it restored my chakras to their fullest potential. Annapurna's warm and nurturing presence in Restorative yoga class inspired me to get certified in Restorative so I could facilitate the divine healing that was gifted to me." C.I., Oroville, CA

"From the moment you meet her, Annapurna radiates a joy and warmth that can truly be felt. Her instructions are always clear and precise. She is artistic and concise with her words. I always enjoy morning sadhana sessions with Annapurna because she is simple and authentic, and I feel deeply calm and at ease after each session with her. The element of her teaching style that I admire most is the grace with which she leads the class to go beyond the physical body and connect with the higher part of your being through the breath." Bharath, Austin, TX

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Articles by Annapurna DeLyle:

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