Chakras and Relationships
Using the Chakras to Express Your Best Self

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with Nayaswami Mantradevi

Chakras and Your Relationships

Using the Chakras to Flow into Your Higher Self

Connect to the Source of Your Relationships

Access your inner ability to increase harmony, love, openness, communication, and deep friendship in all your relationships. Gain tools and insights to realize the causes behind your own and others’ behavior. Enhance loving relationships, heal hurting connections, restore your heart’s equilibrium.

Keys to Spiritual Transformation.

Understanding and perceiving chakra energy will enable you to control, balance, and harmonize your energy. Expanding your awareness will help liberate you from habit-bound, limited ways of relating and connecting with others. Use your energy to naturally flow into, and stay, in your higher self. See yourself and others from a new and enlightening perspective.

Balanced Energy Brings Balanced Relationships. 

The chakras represent qualities and attitudes. Understanding them will give you insights into your own strengths and weaknesses. Learn to dynamically redirect your energy, accelerate your spiritual unfoldment, resolve karmic patterns and situations.

In this weekend you will:

  • Connect to your soul qualities and find your true spiritual source
  • Learn how to interpret and move energy in your chakras
  • Enhance, heal, and harmonize your relationships
  • Acquire tools to clear away your “chakra clogs”
  • Gain insights into how others’ chakra challenges affect you
  • Increase the energy in your spine
  • Learn protective aura strengthening exercises
  • Discover how to open your heart, to feel calm, no matter what is going on around you

One short weekend can dramatically change your ability to find fulfillment within yourself and in your relationships. 

This weekend retreat will feature practical concepts, reinforced with experiential exercises, to help you understand yourself in all your relationships -- to yourself, others, and the Divine.

You will also receive a copy of Chakras for Starters book by Savitri Simpson.

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Mantradevi leading Inner Peace class


A Sampling of Chakra Qualities:

  • Earth - security issues - first chakra: Develop the right sense of self-esteem so you can give & receive. Is he dependable but stubborn? Would you like to develop more faith in yourself?
  • Water - ever new: stay interested & creative, find new dimensions to relationships. Flexibility, openness, fickleness and sexual desire are second chakra aspects. We’ll talk about how to deal with these, both in yourself and others.
  • Fire - conflict of will: you may love each other but how do you live together? Are you, or someone close to you, a controlling person? Do you need more self-discipline?
  • Air - expressing love: opening the heart, overcoming fear, responding appropriately and staying in touch with what is real for you.
  • Ether - self-expansion & communication: balance commitment with the need for growth & change, speaking appropriately.
  • Super-ether - spiritual attunement: base your relationship on deeper shared ideals.

Responses from past guests:

"The class was really a heart opener. It gave me concrete life tools to change and improve my relationships and actions. The material provided reinforced the presentations and will be a continued resource. Thank you!" Carol W., Elk Grove, CA

"This course was so central to my higher self. Thank you for providing the knowledge and practical life skills to improve my life in so many ways."

Lorna K, Sacramento, CA

"I know that all I have learned will encourage my growth as well as strengthen my relationships with my family, friends, and everyone I meet along the way.” C.G., Real Estate Consultant, Santa Monica, CA

"I was kind and compassionate and giving before. But at times I would get angry and resentful because I would have expectations for all the nice things I was doing. I’m sure I would outwardly project that. You cleared up that entire issue for me."     —L.B., CA

"I recommend this for anyone seeking deeper understanding of their nature, behavior and to develop happy relationships—both with yourself and with others." - Elayne A., Davis, CA

"Mantradevi, thank you for creating a safe and nurturing environment where we could feel comfortable to share. That is why I keep returning year after year. The Expanding Light is the one place I feel I can be my true self and feel 100% safe, non-judged, nurtured, and supported in my life journey. "Alice J., Lincoln, CA

"Mantradevi’s classes are a delight – laughter, fun, depth of knowledge – all in an embrace of unconditional love." -  Connie M., Concord, CA


Mantradevi leading Relationships class

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Nayaswami Mantradevi

Nayaswami Mantradevi

Personal Transformation Retreat Teacher, Spiritual Pilgrimage Leader, Ananda Minister and Counselor, Raja and Ananda Yoga® Teacher.

What is a nayaswami?

Nayaswami Mantradevi teaches with insight, clarity and joy, gained from over 35 years of meditating and sharing yoga philosophy. Her concern for others is one of her key qualities, and she has the innate ability to communicate and apply spiritual principles to real life situations. Her classes are creative and experiential, with humor and discussions keeping them lively and interactive.

See all programs, articles, and full bio of Nayaswami Mantradevi.

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