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As we proceed on the path and draw the teachings in deeply, there comes a time when we observe what appear to us to be contradictions in the words of the Masters. It seems to me that this is often because we take these words out of context. These words of the Masters were made to specific individuals in particular situations.

In The New Path, Swami Kriyananda tells stories of Yogananda interacting with people based on who they were and his relationship to them. His demeanor was extremely gentle with most people he met. However, when someone became his disciple, priorities shifted and he acted more impersonally, often providing direct guidance based on intuitive perception. Many times he would give what appeared to be contradictory advice to different disciples. How is one to know what is true for them?

Swamiji's answer to this dilemma was to always use his intuition to be guided in fulfilling Master’s will. He was steady in his focus and was not deterred by others' betrayals, rejections, or especially compliments! In building Ananda Communities, Swami demonstrated these principles, and in the process trained others to live in this way.

For example, two pieces of music written by Swamiji are "Go On Alone" and "Many Hands Make a Miracle." On the surface, these two pieces of advice can seem to be contradictory. As one incorporates these principles into their life, only intuitive perception can inform us to the correct application of these timeless principles. We need to use our intuition to tune into the underlying vibration, be it of the teachings, Swami’s music, or working with others.

Once, a disciple said to Swamiji, "It's so hard to know what God wants!" To this, his simple reply was "No it isn’t." From my experience, the more we tune into inner guidance, the more that we find this to be true! Timothy Hickey


Life Transitions: What's My Next Step?

June 13 – 15

Are you in a life transition? Is it time to find your next step or your life's true purpose? Are you drawn in a new direction but don't quite know how to make it come about?
Embracing the process - with support - can help you intuit which door might be ready to open.
It's time now to greet a life filled with the greatest blessings you can imagine.

Led by Mantradevi

Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

 The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda book cover

The more I attuned myself to Master, the more deeply I came to appreciate the transcendent beauty of his inner friendship. It was a communion that needed no outward proximity for confirmation. Blessed with it, one even rejoiced when others endeavored to set themselves higher than oneself in the Guru's esteem. For one knew that egoic approval had nothing to do with that inner attunement.

From The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda
Crystal Clarity Publishers.

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita

June 7 – 13

This full-immersion program will take you into the teachings of this great scripture so you will understand them not only intellectually, but intuitively and practically.

Led by Gyandev and Diksha, be ready for a deep, fulfilling week, with some humor thrown in...
This course offers up to 35 hours of continuing education credits too.

Inspiration from Paramhansa Yogananda

 Whispers from Eternity book cover

Thy peace and I are one.
Thy joy and I are one.
Thy wisdom and I are one.
Thy love and I are one.
That is why Thou and I are one.
Thou and I were one, and Thou and I will be one evermore.

From Whispers from Eternity
Crystal Clarity Publishers.

Yoga Therapy for Back & Joint Pain

June 27 – 29   20% OFF!

For people to RECEIVE Yoga Therapy for Back and Joint Issues.
Receive yoga therapy from our Yoga Therapy students, supervised by Nicole DeAvilla. You will get you own personal yoga therapists in training to work with you!

  • relieve pain
  • increase strength
  • increase flexibility and range of motion in all joints
  • reduce the risk of re-injury

  • Inspired... Is your next step helping people through the teaching of Yoga or Meditation?

    Click here for the Meditation Teacher Training Video...

    Meditation Teacher Training at the Expanding Light

    Click here for this Yoga Teacher Training Video...

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    Pilgrimage to India!
    In the Footsteps of the Masters

    September 28 – October 19 2014

    Includes the ancient, holy city of Varanasi & Babaji's Cave!
    The effects of true pilgrimage last a lifetime, the memories of sweet experiences making God's presence an ever deepening living reality within.


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Learn How to Meditate
June 13 – 15

Ananda School of    
Yoga and Meditation

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita
June 7 – 13

Yoga Therapy Training: Principles
June 13 – 20

Advanced Pranayama
June 15 – 22

Yoga Therapy Training: Musculoskeletal 1
June 20 – 29

The Essence of the Yoga Sutras
June 22 – 28

Meditation Teacher Training
June 26 – July 6

Yoga Therapy for Back and Joint Pain
June 27 – 29

Bridge to Ananda Yoga
July 13 – 21

Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training
July 13 – August 10

Creativity & Growth

Education for Life Training
June 29 – July 4

Spiritual Growth    

First-Timers' Week
June 8 – 13

Second-Timers' Weekend
June 20 – 22


Summer Yoga Getaway
June 6 – 8

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy for Back and Joint Pain
June 27 – 29   20% Off

Spiritual Travel

A Pilgrimage to India 2014
Sep 28 – Oct 16 or 19

Ananda Yoga Vacation in Costa Rica
Nov 29 – Dec 6, 2014

Achieve Inner Peace & Happiness - In Hawaii!
Apr 18 – 25, 2015

Israel: The Holy Land
Fall 2015 - Details now available

Sacred Sites of Spain
Spring 2016!

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