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“Maybe I'd be happier blue” is from the song “Happier Blue” by an old friend, song writer and musician Chris Smither. Chris knows how to fashion wonderful lyrics (and also play guitar with a skill rarely found.)

The line makes me think about attachments. Often we consider attachments as holding onto security, things, relationships… But we can also be greatly attached to what is difficult or painful. In the song, Chris writes about someone afraid that they could lose a relationship. That's attachment not to the relationship, but to fear.

When we find ourselves in a bad mood - how strong is the desire to stay in it! Part of the human experience seems to be grief. Even Yogananda spoke of his grief. When our hearts are in the grip of grief, we feel terrible - but also like we should be feeling it. It seems justified and right. But we must resist the pull to hold onto it.

It's natural enough to have feelings. Don't let them rule you.

Chris's songs explore the human condition. But I find it fun to apply a spiritual meaning to songs not intended that way. Sometimes I picture a song being sung by or to Divine Mother. Try it. It can raise the vibration of lots of music.

Here's another line from “Happier Blue” for your contemplation:

“I never needed nothin' like I ever needed
Knowin' I needed you”



A New Airport Ride Service: Go With God!

 Dodge Grand Caravan

The Expanding Light now has a nice Grand Caravan. We are making scheduled airport runs to pick up and drop off guests at a reasonable cost. If a ride is available at the beginning or end of a program you are taking, the option to select a ride will appear when you reserve online.

This is not a shuttle service that you can call to book a specific day and time for a ride. It is only available for some previously determined dates. How many we can carry is also limited, so don't delay!
Go with God!

Creativity and Your Chakras

5 days


July 8 - 13, 2012

Free your creativity. Recreate Yourself! Chakras play an enormous role in how you express yourself. Each one has a unique energy that is personally yours.

Take Care of Yourself

5 days

Willow Mangala Maitri

Aug 12 - 17, 2012

A rare chance to take the 5 day version of this ever-popular program! Relax and rejuvenate big time!

Do it Now!

Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

 Swami Kriyananda

How to be a Channel for the Light

Think not what you can get, but what you can give.
Serve, not people, but God through people.
God is happiest not in our efficiency, but in our increasingly humble attitude.
Get yourself out of the way - don‘t think of yourself, but of Him.
Serve joyfully, even in obscurity. Don‘t look to others for endorsement. Be content to seek the Lord‘s smile in your heart.
Be centered in the inner self. Don‘t let circumstances or people pull you down. Let Christ‘s light fill you when you work with others.
Be an open window through which the Lord‘s sunlight can flow to all.
God will support you the more you live in Him.
Let God radiate in your heart, and live by His inner inspiration. Work more listening to God inwardly.
Ask only, “Lord are you pleased? How can I please you more?” And again, “Dear God, tell me what you want. Help me to do what you want.”
You are God‘s child. There is nothing that is not yours.
Be a radiant spirit-large, not small.
Greater dignity and greater strength add nicely to your childlikeness. Be joyfully courageous, majestically confident.
Be filled with the confidence that the Holy Spirit will use you. The power of the Infinite is in you.
Live more and more in that center where God dwells. Radiate this to others, and their lives, and your own, will be changed.

From a January 4, 1989 talk at Ananda Village

Spiritual Travel with The Expanding Light

Indian Pilgrimage

In the Footsteps of the Masters
A Pilgrimage to India

Oct 5 - 24, 2012

The blessings of pilgrimage, and the power of being in places blessed by saints, will change you and deepen you in ways you never would have thought possible. The effects of pilgrimage last a lifetime.

Are you ready to go deep?

The Essence of the Yoga Sutras
Apply the Wisdom of Patanjali for Spiritual Success

6 days

 Pranaba and Parvati Hansen

July 22 - 28, 2012

Patanjali described the stages of spiritual development for all seekers. These principles are based not on dogma, but on how we are made.

Advanced Pranayama

7 days

 Gyandev and Diksha

July 29 - Aug 5, 2012

Pranayama is the key to a deep experience of yoga postures and meditation.

Communing with AUM - Advanced Practices

2 days


Aug 10 - 12, 2012

Learn little-known techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda for merging into Sacred AUM. Through visualizations, guided activities, devotional AUM meditations, chanting, inspirational stories, and deep yogic teachings, the Cosmic Vibration will come alive for you as never before.

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Aug 19 – 26
Spiritual Renewal Week

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Spiritual Creativity

Jul 8 – 13
Creativity and Your Chakras

Aug 10 – 12
Mandalas for Creativity and Healing

Teacher Training  

Jul 6 – 15
Meditation Teacher Training

Jul 15 – Aug 12
Ananda Yoga® Teacher

Jul 22 – 28
The Essence of the Yoga Sutras

Sep 12 – 16
Spiritual Counselor Training


Jul  13 –  15
Learn How to Meditate

Aug  10 –  12
Communing with AUM -
Advanced Practices

Spiritual Growth    

Jul 6 – 8
First-Timers’ Weekend

Jul 20 – 22
How to Be Happy All the Time

Jul 22 – 28
The Essence of the Yoga Sutras

Jul 27 – 29
Magnetism: The Power to
Attract What You Need

Aug 17 – 19
Fingerprints: Discover Your Life's


Jul 17 – 19
Ananda Chair Yoga

Jul 29 – Aug 5
Advanced Pranayama


Oct 5 – 24, 2012
In the footsteps of the Masters:
Pilgrimage to India

Feb 7 – 14 or 19, 2013
Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga
Retreat In Kerala, India

Mar 10 – 17, 2013
Ananda Vacation in Hawaii

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