Nayaswami Mantradevi

Led by Nayaswami Mantradevi

Mandalas for Creativity and Healing
Luminous Symbols for Healing

Mandala Workshop

2-day weekend

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Mandala means center…circle…wholeness within yourself, and in relation to the universe.

Traditionally, mandalas are used to transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones.

Mandalas help us shift our awareness, connect the internal with the external, and take us to a deeper place within. They are used for healing illness, clearing spiritual blocks, and focusing our devotional practices.

Tap into the Healing Power of Mandalas

Creating a mandala can be both simple and profound—calming, relaxing, and centering your mind and body. It can lead to pivotal healing experiences. Your mandala can bring you intuitive insights into spiritual truths, connect you to your heart, and bring out your true loving self.


The Joy of Creative Expression

Feel the joy of playing with shapes and colors, of attuning to the unique, beautiful essence of the inner you. There is no right or wrong way to create a mandala. The process is fascinating and heart opening. The supportive, uplifting, and serene environment will awaken and heighten your creative expression.

No artistic experience is needed and all materials are provided. Look forward to a wonderful, spirit-enriched experience.

“The divine eye is center everywhere, circumference nowhere.”

—Paramhansa Yogananda

Mandala techniques used this weekend draw largely from the book, Mandala, by Judith Cornell.

Mantradevi will facilitate this weekend. A long time teacher and artist, she excels in bringing creativity and healing to her classes. With ability and caring, Mantradevi tunes in to the needs of her students and helps them open to a fuller expression of themselves.

“The experiential nature of this class made it both fun and deeply meaningful. Mantradevi is a wise, compassionate, joyful teacher. I like that the class was not over structured, so that there was plenty of time for creativity, questions, and discussion.”

—Carol M., OH

“ What a privilege to be part of this class.  Drawing from my inner self to bring what was there into a physical form was so powerful!  Mantradevi's sweet and intuitive presence and guidance allowed me to create whatever form seemed right for me.  Creating how light and radiance affected the form felt both powerful and healing.  Thank you! ”

—S.V., California

“I so enjoyed the opportunity to explore drawing divine guidance into another activity of life. Mantradevi created a wonderfully nurturing, totally non-judgmental space that perfectly supported inner receptivity and its outward expression through art. It was really fun, relaxing and led to some helpful insights. Thank you!    ”

—L.P.,. California

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