Nayaswami Premdas

Led by Nayaswami Premdas

How to Live with More Energy!
Gaining Vitality, Peace, and Joy in Your Life

2-day weekend

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Few people realize that the secret of high energy is personal choice. We can have more energy when we use our will power in the right way. When we are willing, when we want to do something, we have all the energy in the world for it. When we are UN-willing, resistant for any reason, suddenly our energy is in our toes.

One of the central elements of Yogananda’s teachings is how to work with energy—how to attune to it, how to increase it, how to direct it. During this weekend, you’ll learn a number of techniques and practices Yogananda created. You’ll learn how to use your will power to instantly raise your energy level, and to have energy when you need it.

Some of the weekend will be philosophical—there are a lot of fascinating things to learn about energy:

  • The 3 kinds of energy: energy that inspires and uplifts, energy that activates the mind, and energy that pulls you down. You’ll learn how to recognize these energies and to work with them in practical ways.
  • How willingness and unwillingness work, and how to cultivate a willing attitude for a happier life.
  • The effect of environment on your energy level, and how to change this if necessary.

There will also be plenty of experiential tools that you can use to raise your energy when needed:

  • Superconscious Living Exercises
  • Energization Exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Affirmations and visualizations
  • Devotion and healing prayers
  • Activities outdoors in nature

Your instructor for this weekend, Premdas Ghirla, is known for his energy and enthusiasm, and his great ability to share practical spiritual teachings with all.

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