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Life is a pilgrimage...

Welcome back to exploring the spiritual world with Ananda Spiritual Travels:

  • Deepen your spiritual path and meditation practice
  • Rest in the bliss of profoundly holy places
  • Connect with the consciousness of Jesus Christ, Paramhansa Yogananda, Babaji Krishna, Divine Mother, Saints and Sages of many traditions
  • Enjoy the company of deep and joyful travel hosts and special expert travel guides
  • Meet new like-minded friends to create memories for a lifetime

We are now taking reservations for four pilgrimages in 2022, and you can sign-up to be notified when our two 2023 pilgrimages are ready for reservations. Travel with us and expand your awareness of life as a pilgrimage...

Travel with us and expand your awareness of life as a pilgrimage...

Los Angeles Pilgrimage

Camino Pilgrimage banner with Sitabai and Dora

Ananda Village Pilgrimage banner

Pilgrimage to Spain: Yogananda and Kriyananda - Kings of Higher Consciousness in Early Spain

Past Pilgrimages

These trips aren't currently scheduled. Click on one's you are interested in to get a comprehensive idea of what we will do when they are scheduled. Sign-up to get notices when a trip is scheduled.

Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Retreat in Kerala

A Sacred Himalayan Pilgrimage

Israel Pilgrimage:
Holy Sites of Christianity

An Indian Pilgrimage Footsteps of Yogananda

Life is a Pilgrimage-story

Welcoming Diversity

Ananda Spiritual Travels welcomes truth seekers of every color, race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or different ability. Our spiritual travel hosts are committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming environment for everyone to pursue their search for God on pilgrimage. Furthermore, we have found over our 40+ years of hosting pilgrimages that every guest also holds an open heart to being part of a world of brotherhood with all.

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