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The Universal One is standing by, waiting for us to join in love and joy.

But I’m kind of busy right now, though. After all, I’ve got other things to do. There’s lots I’d like to see happen at The Expanding Light. We’re just now planning a Yugas Conference. That will be great! I have never been to Greece. I’d like to see that new Happy Feet movie. Maybe later for moving toward eternal love and joy.

Besides, I’m pretty upset about what is happening politically and financially in the US and Europe. And I really want to see if I can’t get my finances in better shape.

Yogananda said that the only thing we can possibly give God is our love. Imagine our actually having something to give that God cares about! “The only thing lacking to Him is our love. That is what God wants from us: our love; our trust in Him; our joy in His infinite joy.” (from Essence of Self Realization)

Mother Theresa delivered a similar message. She relayed that Jesus appeared to her and helped her understand that when he said “I thirst,” He was telling us that God wants us to love Him in the same way He loves us. God yearns for our love!

St. Augustine said “Deus sitit sitiri.” That is “God thirsts to be thirsted for.”

God is standing by waiting for us to love Her. Through this, we can enter into Divine Bliss. This doesn’t feel the same to me as when I was young and studying the catechism. Then I was taught that if I was good, my reward was that I could go to Heaven - where I would worship God forever. As a boy my only reaction to that was “Boring! That’s the reward? Sit on a cloud and worship FOREVER??!” Not appealing to a kid who’d prefer to be running in the school yard. But how much have I really changed? The pull of delusion still seems to regularly call my attention to lots of other things.

Entering into God’s joy and love. Maybe that’s something I should work harder at. Maybe I could skip Greece and go straight to finding Bliss.


Blessings and Joy,

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Inspiration from Yogananda

 The Essence of Self-Realisation Book Cover

Wake up! before your dream of life vanishes into the infinite. When this body drops in death, where will your family be? your home? your money? You are not this body. The body is only a plate, given to you that you might eat from I the feast of Spirit.”.

Why not learn this essential lesson before death? Why wait? Don’t tie yourself to the limitations of human consciousness, but remember the vastness of the Spirit within.

From: The Essence of the Self Realization,

Join us for Christmas - the way it's supposed to be

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Dec 22 - 26, 2011

4 days of joyous community and communion

This holiday season, surround yourself with loving energy in a sweet, supportive and spiritual environment. Share joy with a group of like-
minded souls.

Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda


“I am even-minded and cheerful at all times. I know that joy is not outside me, but within.”.


“In the calmness of meditation, at the heart of my inner peace, help me to feel Thy thrilling, joyful presence.”.

From: Affirmations for Self-Healing

Holiday Yoga Getaway

Dec 27 - 29, 2011

Melody Hansen

2-day midweek

Enjoy an after-Christmas “breather” - literally. With yoga postures, centering breaths, and meditation, you will reclaim your inner peace and refresh yourself deeply before the coming New Year. You’ll be amazed how restored you’ll feel after two days of focused and deep relaxation.

Expanding Light News

Nayaswami Gyandev gave a keynote talk recently at the Yoga Alliance Conference. To see a rerecording, with excellent sound and image quality, see: Future Directions for Yoga

There is space for one more woman for each of the Hawaii vacations being led by Gyandev & Diksha in March.

New Year Renewal Retreat : Relax, Recharge, Refocus

Dec 29 - Jan 2, 2012

Lady lighting a candle

Leave behind the ho-hum or raucous atmosphere of New Year’s at home. Let Diksha and Gyandev McCord lead you through a New Year’s Retreat that’s joyful and rejuvenating, giving you a powerful boost for your peace of mind as you begin another year.

NEW PROGRAM coming to Gaia House

Gaia House - An exciting new group retreat experience

How To Start an Ananda Meditation Group

2-day weekend
Feb 3 - 5, 2012

This weekend program is for you if you'd like to create a meditation group or are curious about what's involved. You'll develop the tools and confidence to make it happen!

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Feb 9 – 16, 2012
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June 14 – 24, 2012
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