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A Christmas of Inner Awakening
Divine Stillness, Joy, and Spiritual Community

Not scheduled at this time.

with Catherine Kairavi

Join us for a meaningful, spiritual Christmas retreat

What would you love for a restful, uplifting, and joyful Christmas?

No holiday shopping chaos?

Spending time with friendly, intelligent people of high aspirations?

Gaining tools to help you bring more meaning into your life?

Discussions on topics of interest to you?

Join us for our Christmas Retreat at The Expanding LIght.

At Ananda, we honor the great masters of all religions. We honor the Christ consciousness, the presence of God within all people, which is fully expressed in the great masters such as Jesus Christ. Our spiritual path expresses the essential oneness of the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the masters of India - and how you can experience and live these teachings.

You're invited to join the Ananda community and other guests in celebrating  beautiful Christmas traditions - some familiar, others new to you. And you will also have special classes, informal gatherings, and other experiences created just for you.

Your retreat includes delicious vegetarian food, a beautiful environment close to nature, on land dedicated to meditation and spiritual pursuits for over 50 years.

You'll return home energized, uplifted, and ready for whatever life brings your way.


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Some of the activities include:

  • Sunday, Dec 22 arrival: An evening gathering to introduce you to other guests, and orient you to your Christmas retreat.Christmas Festivities at The Expanding Light Retreat
  • December 23: A morning class on how to meditate effectively, and how to make this practice part of your life.
  • In the afternoon, if you'd like (and in the morning also, if you wish), you can join Ananda’s annual all-day meditation. Sit with us for just an hour, or as long as you'd like, to experience the presence of divine stillness within. Or spend the afternoon on your own, enjoying the extraordinarily peaceful atmosphere.

    Christmas Festivities at The Expanding Light Retreat

  • December 24:  A morning class on “The Birth of the Christ Consciousness within." The Ananda community Christmas pageant at 5 pm.  You can also join in an evening candlelight service, at 7:30 pm

Christmas Candelight Meditation at The Expanding Light Retreat

  • December 25: Christmas morning meditation, brunch and festivities; Christmas dinner with the Ananda community.
  • December 26: Last gathering to discuss your experiences and how to take them home.
  • Delicious and varied vegetarian fare, warm sharing with other guests and staff, time to be quiet or to enjoy walks on our beautiful 700 acres of forest and meadowland.

You will be surprised by the power of this retreat to uplift your consciousness and restore your energy and inspiration, not just while you're here, but for days and weeks to come.

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Catherine Kairavi

Catherine Kairavi

Ananda Minister and Counselor, Personal Retreat Host

Catherine Kairavi, or another of our teaching staff, will be happy to meet with you to see how we can best serve your needs and make your stay an uplifting one.

Catherine Kairavi came to Ananda in 1978.

Catherine enjoyed two years living and working in Ananda Seattle, returning to Ananda Village to serve as coordinator for the Personal Retreat experience at The Expanding Light.

See all programs, articles, and full bio of Catherine Kairavi.

No dates scheduled for A Christmas of Inner Awakening at this time.

Prices are all-inclusive and cover accommodations, meals, classes or activities, and course materials.

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A Christmas of Inner Awakening starts the afternoon of the first date listed and ends with lunch on the last date. It's ideal to arrive before 4 pm, if you are able to. That way, you can join in the afternoon session of guided yoga postures and meditation, which begins at 4:45. Dinner is at 6:30. The first real gathering of your group is after dinner. Please see:

You can add extra personal retreat days before and/or after your program. Check availability and costs for the days and accommodations that you require.

A Christmas of Inner Awakening starts the afternoon of the first date listed. It’s ideal to arrive before 4 pm, if you are able to. That way, you can join in the afternoon session of yoga and meditation, which begins at 4:45 pm. Dinner is at 6:30. The first real gathering of your group is at 7:30 pm. If you need to arrive here after 5 pm, that’s fine, but it helps us if you let us know at 800-346-5350. We can also put aside a dinner for you if you need to arrive after 7 pm. The program ends with lunch on the last date. Please see our Daily Schedule.

See Transportation and Directions whether you are coming by plane, car, bus or train. Our Frequent Questions page answers many of the questions you might have about How to Go on Retreat.

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