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A fish doesn't know it's wet.

Okay, I'll admit that this line isn't one of the great spiritual teachings. But I think it can be useful on our spiritual path.

By quieting ourselves and going inside, we may be able to observe ourselves and our lives from a less-involved viewpoint, and thereby gain great insights. By getting away from the emotions that bounce us around, and our reactive processes, we have a better chance to understand how we are really living our lives.

What is it about your life that might be obvious to others — and certainly to the Divine — that you yourself just don't notice? A fish doesn't know it's wet — but it is always and completely living in water. In what do you live? Is it where you want to be?

Happy splashing,

Timothy Hickey


Early Days of Ananda: Living History

THIS WEEKEND! July 4 – 6

Speakers will include many of the long-time Ananda folk you know and love: Jyotish, Devi, Vidura, Durga, Ananta, Maria, Devarshi, Parvati, Bharat, Anandi, and many, many more!


Nayaswami Asha:
Raising Kundalini

July 18 – 20

Kundalini is a conscious, divine force that is magnetized to rise through use of techniques together with qualities including devotion, love, generosity of spirit, and kindness. Nayaswami Asha will focus on these essential qualities of our spiritual life.
Asha is known and loved for her ability to make the spiritual journey inviting, doable, filled with humor at our inevitable foibles, and full of hope for our eventual success.

Sundara Traymar:
Nature Awareness for Greater God Awareness

July 18 – 20

Experience nature deeply, with awareness activities created by Ananda's renowned nature educator, Joseph Bharat Cornell. An inspirational, rejuvenating, educational, and fun adventure for your last weekend of summer.

Find greater peace and explore new ways to see nature's beauty. Be guided into inner calmness and stillness that will deepen your affinity with nature, with others, and with the Divine.

Sundara is the Director of Sharing Nature USA. Loved by all who know him, Sundara has extensive experience teaching, lecturing and leading groups in Sharing Nature exercises.

Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

 Swami Kriyananda

After his release from confinement, Cellini stated that, to know perfect joy, arrange to be thrown into a dark dungeon with no furnishings but a perpetually damp mattress, to be given no sustenance but dry bread and water, to have only rats for companions, and enough daylight to permit only an hour of reading every day. A further condition Cellini attached to this paradisaical state was simply this: Read the Bible for that one hour, and during the rest of your time, pray.”

The joy I experienced in that dungeon,” Cellini wrote later, “I have never in my life known, before or since.

From The Hindu Way of Awakening
Crystal Clarity Publishers.

Inspiration from Paramhansa Yogananda


Teach Me to Drown in Thy Light and Live

The sunlight of this world, shining upon my eager hopes and brief, fickle fulfillments, burned me repeatedly with dissatisfaction. Now I will quench my thirst forever in Thy radiant waters!

“In Thy vast, enchanting sea of light I will swim joyfully forever. Teach me to drown in Thee and live, rather than live in a mirage-paradise of earthliness.”

From Whispers from Eternity
Crystal Clarity Publishers.

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Costa Rica Yoga Vacation

November 29 – December 6  2014

Join us for a joyful and relaxing retreat on the blue waters of Costa Rica's gorgeous Pacific Coast.


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Learn How to Meditate
July 11 – 13

Special Programs

Ananda Music: A Path to Happiness
July 25 – 27

Healthy and Effective Communication
July 31 – August 3   CEU gif

Natural Building with Spirit
August 10 – 16:

Spiritual Growth    

First-Timers' Weekend
July 11 – 13

How to Love and Be Loved
July 13 – 18

Magnetism: The Key to Success in Every Area of Life
July 25 – 27


Deepen Your Yoga Practice
August 8 – 10

Health & Healing

Healing with Divine Energy
July 10 – 13

Yoga of Food & Diet
August 1 – 3

Ananda School of    
Yoga and Meditation

Yoga Therapy Training: Psychology and Mental Health
July 6 – 11  CEU gif

Bridge to Ananda Yoga
July 13 – 21   CEU gif

Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training
July 13 – August 10  CEU gif

Yoga Therapy Training: Ayurveda
June 20 – 29   CEU gif

Spiritual Counseling Training
September 9 – 14   CEU gif

Spiritual Travel

A Pilgrimage to India 2014
September 28 – October 16/19

Ananda Yoga Vacation in Costa Rica
November 29 – December 6, 2014

Achieve Inner Peace & Happiness - In Hawaii
April 18 – 25, 2015

Israel: The Holy Land
Fall 2015 -including with the Ananda Music Ministry leaders

Sacred Sites of Spain
Spring 2016!

There's more!
See Calendar for
complete listings.

Expanding Light Staff
Blog Posts

Diksha McCord- staff member of Expanding Light Retreat

Tips for Dealing with Mental Restlessness

Gita says...

Personal Retreat
join guided activities or not, be one with your spirit.

The Karma Yoga Program
live and serve in a spiritual ashram setting.

Be Healthy Tip

Stay hydrated! Sprinkle Chia seeds in your water bottle. -coconut water -watermelon -cucumber in your smoothie.

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