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Ananda Yoga® Therapy Training Online: Ayurveda

Not scheduled at this time.

Faculty Nayaswami Mangala

We are not currently accepting new students in the Ananda Yoga Therapy Training

Pre-Course opens August 25, 2021


Learn Ayurveda principles to adapt yoga techniques to individual client’s needs. This course is part of Ananda Yoga Therapy Training.

In this course you will:

  • Explore basic principles of Ayurveda—doshas, elements, gunas, agni and ama, constitution (Prakruti), and state of imbalance (Vikruti)
  • Discover how lifestyle influences a state of “balance and harmony”
  • Learn to assess a very basic level of ayurvedic constitution, with an emphasis on body type and mental constitution
  • Recognize constitutional imbalances
  • Learn the relationship between ayurvedic states of balance and imbalance, and how they relate to health conditions that may be helped by yoga therapy
  • Explore how asanas and pranayamas influence the doshas, gunas, and agni
  • Learn how to select and customize asanas and pranayamas to help balance different doshas
  • Learn ayurvedic fundamentals of healthy eating
  • Explore how ayurvedic diet principles can be applied to health challenges and digestive disorders

For more information, see Course Syllabus.

Nayaswami Mangala

Nayaswami Mangala

Director, Ananda Yoga®Therapy Training.  Certified Yoga Therapist, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Level 2 Ananda Yoga®Teacher, E-RYT-500

Director, Ananda Yoga Therapist Training

Nayaswami Mangala has an impressive background in yoga teacher training, Ayurvedic training and practice, and in-depth medical training and practice.

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No dates scheduled for Ananda Yoga® Therapy Training Online: Ayurveda at this time.

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