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There is so much I want to let you know about this month, I'm keeping my letter short.

Are you a seeker or a finder? It's more spiritually powerful to be on a path than ‘sampling.’ I recall the advice from Carlos Castaneda's (apocryphal) Don Juan - to choose a path with heart and walk it. “For me there is only the traveling on the paths that have a heart, ... the only worthwhile challenge for me is to traverse its full length. And there I travel - looking, looking, breathlessly.”

I believe he had it right. Blessings as you move along your path.

Timothy Hickey


PS. I'm very much enjoying some new CDs from Ananda Music. There are 3: Best of Ananda Singers, Best of Ananda Instrumentals, and Secrets of Love Live Performances. I'm listening over and over. You can get your copies by emailing music@ananda.org. The CDs or downloads are $10 each.

It's Springtime at Ananda!

April 13 - 14, 20 - 21 &  27 - 28, 2013

At the Crystal Hermitage in Ananda Village - guests can enjoy the spiritual heart of Ananda.

Tulips at the Crystal Hermitage

10,000 tulips!

Pick one of the following Expanding Light Programs - and enjoy the gardens while you are here.

Life Transitions: Find Your Purpose

First-Timers' Week

An 11th Step Retreat

Magnetism: The Power to Attract What You Need

Inspiration from Yogananda

How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality - book cover

Joy is an aspect of God. Divine joy is like millions of earthly joys crushed into one. The quest for human happiness is like looking around for a candle while sitting out of doors in the sun. Divine joy surrounds us eternally, yet people look to mere things for their happiness. Mostly, all they find is relief from emotional or physical pain. But divine joy is the blazing Reality. Before it, earthly joys are but shadows.

From How to be Happy All the Time

Sharing Nature Training and Retreat

Sharing Nature Logo

March 12 - 17, 2013  

Greg Traymar Joseph Bharat Cornell

Led by Greg Traymar, Director Sharing Nature US, and Joseph Cornell, world-renowned founder and author of Sharing Nature with Children.

Join Nature enthusiasts from around the country.

Inspiration from
The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita - book cover

“One should make it a practice, indeed, to separate himself in his mind from identification with anything - even an identity of thought - and to return to the affirmation, “God alone is the Doer.” By thus dissociating oneself from any error the ego commits, the tendency to err will gradually subside, the gale will cease to blow, and the mind will become calmly centered and focused on its divine goal once again.”

Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda
As remembered by Swami Kriyananda

Read about the Natural Living School here at Ananda Village - and enjoy the exellent photos.

The Natural Living School

We have come to understand that natural building is not just a way of building; it is a way of life.

Pilgrimage to Italy
Mystical Inspiration And Beauty

October 7 - 21, 2013  

 Pieta Statue

Join Jyotish & Devi and Daiva & Gangamata for a spiritual and cultural Italian pilgrimage.

Visit holy sites blessed by its great saints, and enjoy some of Rome and Florence's greatest art and architecture. In Assisi, you will be hosted by the Ananda community.

How to Love and Be Loved

April 21 - 26, 2013

Dave Bingham at The Expanding Light Retreat

We'll consider obstacles such as:

  • Lack of self-acceptance and self-respect
  • Useless and harmful attitudes
  • Fear, negative emotions, selfishness
  • Co-dependency

We will explore tools for:

  • Good communication
  • Keeping your center
  • Stronger marriages and partnerships
  • Greater kindness in all relationships

Trip to Costa Rica with The Expanding Light Retreat

Just announced: An Ananda Retreat at a quiet beachside resort in Costa Rica, December 1-8, 2013 with Nayaswamis Gyandev and Diksha. Space is limited.

Details and website info will be available in May.

Let's Talk about Love: A Women's Retreat

April 26 - 28, 2013

Dave Bingham at The Expanding Light Retreat

At Gaia House

Join Devi Novak, Spiritual Director of Ananda Worldwide, and Dr. Shanti Rubenstone - developer of Transformational Medicine for an exploration of essential spirituality.
Space is limited.


See Calendar for
complete listings.


Creativity Workshop
May 8–12, 2013

Sharing Nature Training and Retreat
May 12–17, 2013

Holistic Health      

How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality
April 5 – 7, 2013

An 11th Step Retreat
April 19 – 21, 2013  

Health Solutions Through Meditation
April 26 – 28, 2013  

Take Care of Yourself
May 5 – 10, 2013  

Certification Trainings  

Meditation Teacher Training
July 5 – 14, 2013

Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training
July 14 – August 11, 2013

Bridge to Ananda Yoga
July 14 – 22, 2013


Recharge Your Meditation Practice
April 5– 7, 2013

Spiritual Growth    

An Ananda Sampler
April 9 – 11  

Developing Deeper Love for God
April 12 – 14  

Life Transitions: Find Your Purpose
April 12 – 14

First-Timers' Week
April 14 – 19

How to Love and Be Loved
April 21 – 26

Magnetism: The Power to Attract What You Need
April 19 – 21

How to Attract Your Ideal Life Partner
May 3 – 5


Yoga Getaway for Memorial Day
May 24 – 27

Experience the Higher Teachings of Yoga
May 19 – 25

Spiritual Travel

Pilgrimage to Italy
October 7 – 21, 2013

There's more!
See Calendar for
complete listings.

The Karma Yoga Program provides a unique opportunity to live in a spiritual environment and ashram setting.
and for a limited number of people:
Karma Yoga in the kitchen

Recipe for April

From Vegetarian Cooking
for Health and Vitality

Tofu Vegetable Noodle Soup
This is a soothing and comforting soup. Good sources of protein are tofu and Tahini. The buckwheat noodles are gluten-free.

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