Nayaswami Diksha

Led by Nayaswami Diksha

Health Solutions Through Meditation

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Are the daily challenges of life starting to affect your health?

Are you too busy to take care of yourself, with no time to relax?

Are you constantly overwhelmed by the demands of life?

Most people don’t know how to relax. Some might know how to relax physically, but not mentally.

In this weekend you will learn scientific methods of yoga to help you deal effectively with your daily challenges and keep yourself healthy by using specific spiritual tools:

  • Conscious breathing to release physical tension
  • Deep use of affirmations to release mental tension
  • Visualizations to calm the heart and the mind
  • Meditation practices to find solutions to daily challenges

At the end of the weekend, you will take with you a personal plan to help you stay healthy and well.

This weekend is given by Nayaswami Diksha, who has used these methods successfully in her own life and shared them with hundreds of students over the years.

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