Experience the Higher Teachings of Yoga
This Year: The Practical Wisdom of India's Esoteric Traditions

Yoga Alliance RYT's and E-RYT's: This course offers up to 35 hours of continuing education credit. Ask your instructor for documentation.

Experience the Higher Teachings of Yoga

Led by Nayaswami Gyandev and Nayaswami Diksha

6 days

There are no dates currently scheduled.

Prerequisite: Ananda Yoga Teacher Training or consent of instructor required (call Gyandev at 800-346-5350 or 530-478-7518).

Are you ready for something more, something beyond just practicing yoga techniques? Then join us and use the techniques to explore deeper aspects of spiritual teachings. The practices will give you a more down-to-earth understanding of the teachings, and you will be thrilled to see how the teachings open the door to a more powerful and uplifting experience of the practices.

Each year, we focus on a different, important spiritual teaching. In 2013, it’s the practical wisdom of many of the esoteric spiritual traditions of India, such as the nature of AUM and why yogis emphasize it, the significance of the so-called gods and goddesses, and the implications for personal spiritual development. Your course text (you’ll receive a copy of it when you arrive) will be The Hindu Way of Awakening, by Swami Kriyananda.

Participants will need to “know what they’re doing” with yoga postures practice, because the mechanics of asana practice will not be a primary focus of the course. Our explorations will use basic as well as a few more-advanced techniques of Ananda Yoga, including not only asanas, but also pranayamas, bandhas, and meditation — all designed to energize body and mind, and to bring that energy into the higher chakras (spiritual energy centers) to bring forth your own innate understanding.

Each day includes 2–3 sessions of practice, guided exercises, presentation, and discussion, led by Nayaswami Gyandev (Director of Ananda Yoga Worldwide) and Nayaswami Diksha. There is also time for personal study, relaxation, and additional asana practice. If you are a meditation enthusiast, you might like to join Ananda Village residents for a hour-and-a-half early morning meditation each day.

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Prerequisite: Ananda Yoga Teacher Training or consent of instructor required (call Gyandev at 800-346-5350 or 530-478-7518).


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