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Listening to the music of Swami Kriyananda and Ananda is always a joyful experience. Sometimes a particular line stands out for me as I listen. The phrase “May Thy joy fill our days” from “O, Master” is one of those lovely lines.

Let's face it - life on this planet is a challenge! Those on Yogananda's spiritual path have not chosen an easy road; we've signed up to be challenged so we can grow and move through the karma of this life. We want to get there already! Feeling the sweetness of the words “May Thy joy fill our days” serves as a gentle reminder and a gateway to the higher consciousness we are seeking. The words themselves are a bridge to joy.

Another beautiful line from the same song that catches my heart is “the truth that all was made from love.” Just connecting with the music and the words helps us know this truth.

Here's a link to a video performance of “O, Master”, music and lyrics by Mukti.

Timothy Hickey

Joy on your journey. Take time to listen to the music.



Spiritual Renewal Week

Finding Happiness:
The Art of Living

August 17 – 24, 2014
Join us for this, the most popular of all weeks

Priced to encourage you to come join us. Reduced rates when you sign up for the full 7 days. Rooms and tent space available when this was written.


Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

 Swami Kriyananda

“One cannot listen to music [or experience the arts] sensitively without soon becoming aware that it conveys more than sounds [or visual stimuli], that it is a vehicle for moods, for states of consciousness... “As strings on a piano vibrate sympathetically to notes that are struck on another nearby instrument, so also all things affect one another - mostly on levels far outside the range of human hearing - by the subtle law of vibratory exchange.

“Because vibrations react on many levels - like piano strings, many of which may respond sympathetically even though only one note is struck on another instrument - normally inaudible vibrations, even of thought and of feeling, can be captured sympathetically through music.

“Music and the arts have a direct impact on our consciousness, and as spiritual seekers, we seek to surround ourselves with art that helps us on our way, not that which keeps us tied to matter consciousness and delusion.”

From The Art & Science of Raja Yoga
Crystal Clarity Publishers.

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Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India

February 6 – February 13 or 18, 2014 CEU

Starting at $1890 !!


Hawaii Retreat - Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility

April 18 – 25, 2015

Take a popular Expanding Light Program while staying in a gorgeous private home in Hawaii.


Spiritual Vacation in China

Ananda Yoga · Feng Shui · Sacred Sites
April 18 – May 2, 2015

Come explore the majesty and mystery of China in a relaxed, uplifting, and uniquely Ananda way.


Inspiration from Bhagavati

 Bhagavati Nani

“When ‘Love is a Magician’ began and Swamiji started to sing the words, I felt something pierce my heart, bypassing my mind and intellect altogether, and I began to cry. Actually, sob is a more accurate word, and that's what I did for the entire song. Thankfully, I had some experience of how God works, so I immediately ‘got it’ that something very important and profound was happening to me.

From Clarity Magazine
40th Anniversary Commemorative Issue 2008

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Diksha - staff member of Expanding Light Retreat

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Postpartum Meditation:
Does It Exist?


Karma Yoga Program
live and serve in a spiritual ashram setting.


Be Healthy Tip

Head for a picnic with a salad-in-a-jar, remember dressing in the bottom, greens on the top and a smile on your face!

Sunflower Caesar

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