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My wife Lalaan and I first found Ananda at Ananda Portland. Soon after we arrived, Gangamata led a program called “Kindness as a Spiritual Practice.” Not that I really needed yet another reason to connect with Ananda, but when I saw that class listed, I knew that this was my spiritual path. I thought, “That's what they want to share here! This is the place for me!”

One evening recently, Swami Kriyananda was with us in the Temple and was taking some questions. One was asking what you can do with someone who acts like Eeyore - always gloomy. Swamiji responded “Treat him with kindness.” He went on to explain that someone like that cannot yet raise his energy enough to feel joy. Treating them kindly can help his energy rise.

In chatting with a friend here at the Retreat the other day, we were discussing the challenge of dealing with people who do things that might frustrate or irritate you.  (Not that that would ever happen to you.)  My friend relayed an analogy from Jyotish (Devi and Jyotish, shown in the banner above, are Ananda's Spiritual Directors)."  Imagine you are starting out to work one morning on the bus, with your coffee in hand.  Suddenly someone slams into you, and the coffee splatters all over you.  You’re all set to tell that person what for, and when you look right at him, you realize that he is blind.  And you know he is doing the best he can – and it all changes.  (Change your mind, change everything.)

If they were able to do better, they would.  Treating them with love and kindness helps them raise their energy further – and therefore do better.  And the cycle continues.


Love to you,

For Parents & Teachers: There IS a better way!
And you can learn it.
   June 26 - July 1

Nitai talking about education for life

Learn how to:

  • Have children be enthusiastic about school
  • Help every child participate in music, sports, and drama
  • Take the stress out of academics
  • Integrate intellectual achievement with healthy growth in body, feelings and will power
  • Prepare children to find true and meaningful success in life
  • Create schools that consistently score in the top 10%

Led by Nitai Deranja

Inspiration from Yogananda

Whispers from Eternity

Come to Me as Kindness

Will that day dawn on me, O Divine Mother, when the utterance of Thy name will cause a flood of tears which will inundate the drought of my heart, and burst the dark gates of my ignorance? Then, in the lake of my gathered tears will grow the lotus of luminous wisdom, and the darkness of my mind will be dispelled. O formless, all-pervading Mother Divine, come to me in the form of tangible kindness, and take me away from the shores of sadness.

from Whispers from Eternity, by Paramhansa Yogananda

Sudarshan and Sundara

Sierra Trails: Hiking with Spirit

July 14 - 17

You will never find a more congenial couple of fellows with whom to explore the beauty of the Sierras.

Sundara (Greg) Traymar, the U.S.A. director of Sharing Nature, will lead you on Friday in the inspirational nature activities of Joseph Cornell, used by outdoor educators and naturalists around the world.  You'll visit a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail south from Donner Pass. Beautiful views into the Great Basin and toward the Pacific Ocean emerge all along this ridge-top trail.  Interesting geology, alpine flora, accessible peaks, and crystalline air make this a delightful area to explore.

Your leader on Saturday, Sudarshan Simpson, is well known and loved for his attunement to the natural world - and for his ability to draw others into deeply meaningful experiences with nature. Saturday’s hike will take you to more

Please register early.

a round cob house

Natural Cob: Buidling with Spirit

Summer Workshops at Ananda College of Living Wisdom:
Saturday June 18 to Sunday June 26 or
Saturday July 9 - Sunday July 17

Share the joy of learning and creating -
as you join in with Pablo & Lauren Loayza
Call 530-292-3024 or email reservations@meditationretreat.org now.

The Ananda College of Living Wisdom is approved by the state of California to grant both A.A. (Associate of Arts) and B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) degrees, as well as numerous certificates. The V.A. has also approved several programs for funding.

virani with goats

Special Karma Yoga Opportunity!

Participate in The Expanding Light's Karma Yoga Program - with a special focus of serving at Yogoata Goat Dairy. Tenting, meals and Karma Yoga program participation at The Expanding Light. To apply, email virani@yogaforjoy.com.


Sample Upcoming Programs

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Special Events      

July 1 – 4
July 4th at Ananda Village

May 28 – 31
Wanderlust Festival
Lake Tahoe, CA

August 14 –21
Spiritual Renewal Week

Teacher Training  

June 26 – July 1
Education for Life
Teacher and Parent Training

July 8 – 17
Meditation Teacher Training

July 17 – Aug 14
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training


July 29 – May 1
Learn How to Meditate

Aug 5 – 7
Communing with AUM

Spiritual Growth    

June 12- 17

First-Timers' Week

July 15 – 17
How to Be Happy All the Time

July 17- 22

Creativity With Your Chakras

July 29- 31

The Art of Superconscious Living

July 31- Aug 6

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita


June 12 – 19
Principles of Yoga Therapy

June 19 – 26
Musculoskeletal Yoga Therapy

June 19 – 26
Advanced Pranayama

July 22 – 24
Learn Ananda YogaŽ Retreat

Holistic Health      

June 16 –19
Sierra Cycling
With a Twist of Yoga

July 10 – 15
Take Care of Yourself

July 14 – 17
Sierra Trails:
Hiking with Spirit

July 22 – 24
An Ananda Sampler

On The Road      

Oct 1 –2
Gyandev & Diksha
Sioux Falls, SD

Oct 7 –8
Gyandev & Diksha
Madison, WI

Please download the 2011 full calendar to see the program options through December.

Vic and Melody in the meadow

Radiant Health Tip
for June

The secret of radiant health and well-being is learning to tap into the miracle of LOVE.

One finds love not by being loved, but by loving. more...

Recipes for June

Red Lentil Soup

Yummy, light soup–easy to make and an easily digested source of protein.

Barley Bread

A quick, nonfat, crusty country loaf.


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