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I've been realizing I need to understand forgiveness more deeply. Well, okay, I need to apply forgiveness more liberally. “I forgive my brother for not paying me the money he owed me” is the kind of situation I tend to think of. That's a good thing. But there is more opportunity there for us.

Forgiveness has its greatest power when we consistently apply it every day, in 'real time.' When someone acts or speaks in a way that doesn't seem right to us, do we express our frustrations immediately and loudly? And later get around to forgiving them in our heart? That's not exactly the highest example of forgiveness. Yogananda said that we should not allow ourselves to be treated like a doormat. But that we should not lose our internal peace. (Sometimes I get that about half right.)

To forgive more means to love more. Right now. In every situation. With every breath we take. It means seeing God in every one. As Devi said in this beautiful talk at the end of Spiritual Renewal Week: “Become the friend of God and share every experience with him, no matter what happens.”

Go with God,



Join us this holiday season. Experience gratitude, joy, and peace inside yourself.

Living with a Grateful Heart:
A Thanksgiving Retreat

4-day weekend,  November 21 - 25

 Anandi Cornell teacher at the Expanding Light Retreat

Our Thanksgiving Retreat is a perfect time to re-energize and re-focus on living a life that affirms gratitude, abundance and radiant well being.

Gratitude is the secret of a happy life. We hope you too will feel the many blessings of gratitude. Come share a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with Anandi and friends!

A Christmas Retreat for Peace and Joy
Christmas the way it's supposed to be

6 days of joyous community and communion,
December 20 - 26

 Christmas at the Expanding Light Retreat

Share deep joy with a group of like-minded souls. Surround yourself with loving energy in a supportive, spiritual environment. Get in touch with the Christ consciousness within.

You are welcome to participate in several of the Village's uplifting Christmas traditions.

Come for all or just part!

Holiday Yoga Getaway

December 26- 28, 2012

 Surana, teacher at the Expanding Light Retreat

~ Yoga postures with the body supported by pillows and blankets, and all you do is relax deeply. Ideal for erasing all traces of holiday fatigue.

~ Guidance in a practical and inspiring technique of meditation given by Yogananda. An important way to maintain your peace of mind in 2013.

~ A personalized yoga postures session to help you get more from your yoga practice.

~ Through all the classes: how to use the breath for deeper calmness and centering.

~ A free afternoon to enjoy a healing massage.

Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

 Swami Kriyananda

Forgiveness is the sword of victory! When we forgive those who seek to hurt us, we rob them of their very power to do us harm. Better still, if they respond with love, they will unite their strength to ours, and so our strength becomes doubled.

But forgiveness should not be given primarily for its effect on others, but rather for the freedom it affirms in our own hearts. Let no outward circumstance condition your inner happiness. Be not pleased merely when man is pleased. Be pleased, rather, when you feel God's pleasure in your heart.


All that befalls me is for my good. I welcome any hurts that I receive as opportunities to grow in understanding.

From Affirmations for Self-Healing
by Swami Kriyananda

The Deeper Practice of Yoga

January 17 - 21, 2013

Maitri, teacher at The Expanding Light Retreat

This retreat is for anyone with a solid hatha yoga practice. You don't have to be super-flexible, but you do need to know what you're doing in asana practice - and perhaps be willing to do it a bit differently. The retreat includes instruction in, and practice of, a classical yoga meditation technique.     and..

Now it is easier for YTT Level 1 grads to continue their certification training with Ananda. Take this program to complete Part 1 of Bridge to Ananda Yoga.

Kerala Ayurvedic Retreat -
Act Now for Early-Bird Discount!

 Kerala Ayurvedic Retreat


See Calendar for
complete listings.

Special Events      

Nov 21 – 25
Living with a Grateful Heart:
A Thanksgiving Retreat

Dec 20 – 26
A Christmas Retreat for Peace
and Joy

Dec 29 – Jan 2
New Year Renewal:
Relax, Recharge, Refocus

Holistic Health      

Nov 23 – 25
Restorative Yoga for Women

Dec 7 – 9
An 11th Step Retreat

Certification Trainings  

Dec 3 – 6
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Dec 6 – 9
Yoga Therapy Training for Seniors
and Osteoporosis

Mar 29 – Apr 7, 2013
Meditation Teacher Training

Apr 7 – May 5, 2013
Ananda Yoga® Teacher


Nov 16 – 18
Dec 14 – 16
Learn How to Meditate

Nov 30 –  Dec 2
Kriya Yoga Initiation

Spiritual Growth    

Nov 9 – 11
How to Access Your Superconscious Mind

Nov 16 – 18
First-Timers' Week and Weekend

Nov 16 – 18––Gaia House
Divine Mother Retreat for Women

Ananda Yoga

Nov 23 – 25
Restorative Yoga for Women

Dec 3 – 6
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training


Feb 7 – 14 or 19, 2013
Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga
Retreat In Kerala, India

Mar 10 – 17, 2013
Ananda Vacation in Hawaii

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      complete listings.

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