How to Achieve Glowing Health Retreat

Aug 15 – 17, 2017

Who doesn’t want more happiness, energy, and joy? This retreat includes practical and rejuvenating tools for optimal health and inner well being.

"Diseases are born of our ignorance of the laws of the body and mind. Right eating, moderation, and exercise will practically banish disease from the face of the earth."      —Paramhansa Yogananda

This is a comprehensive healthy-living retreat that will be packed with easy-to-follow healing techniques for physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You will learn ways to:

  • Relax more consciously and deeply through therapeutic yoga poses modified to be accessible for every body.
  • Increase your energy and magnetismWalking meditation at The Expanding Light Retreat
  • Manage stress and increase your inner peace and calmness
  • Meditate daily to strengthen your mind and your ability to maintain tranquility
  • Transform unwanted habits
  • Enjoy vitalizing walks in nature

Your weekend will include:Meditation class session at The Expanding Light Retreat

  • Diet tips for greater health and beauty
  • Energization Exercises for manifesting more energy, will-power, and focus
  • Meditation techniques to calm the mind and stimulate more joy
  • Ananda Yoga Nidra for relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Affirmations to uplift your mind and spirit
  • And more…

Your weekend retreat will be led by Ananda Yoga Therapist, Maitri Jones, who is one of the pioneers of Ananda’s Yoga Therapy programs and teacher trainings.

Maitri teaching class at The Expanding Light Retreat

“One of the best retreats in my life. A place/space where body, mind, and soul are nourished. One gets ample opportunity to reflect, contemplate, and acquire energy to move on with life. Ananda Village has that uplifting aura.  Great interpretation of teachings/ affirmation.  Expanding Light is top on my list!”  —Maleka, San Jose, CA

Learning Online Option:

For those who need the convenience of taking this course online, see our extensive offering of classes through Ananda Online. Click here for the Health and Healing series.

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Maitri Jones

Maitri Jones

Certified Yoga Therapist, Level 2 Ananda Yoga Teacher, E-RYT-500, Ananda Minister, Counselor

Maitri is a calm, high-energy person who approaches her many programs with enthusiasm and talent. Her name means “Friend” in Sanskrit and well describes her extraordinarily kind and supportive nature.

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  • Aug 15 – 17, 2017
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How to Achieve Glowing Health Retreat starts the afternoon of the first date listed and ends with lunch on the last date. Please see:

Pick up & drop off at Sacramento Airport. Click links for details.

You can add extra personal retreat days before and/or after your program. Check availability and costs for the days and accommodations that you require.

How to Achieve Glowing Health Retreat starts the afternoon of the first date listed. It’s ideal to arrive before 4 pm, if you are able to. That way, you can join in the afternoon session of yoga and meditation, which begins at 4:45 pm. Dinner is at 6:30. The first real gathering of your group is at 7:30 pm. If you need to arrive here after 5 pm, that’s fine, but it helps us if you let us know at 800-346-5350. We can also put aside a dinner for you if you need to arrive after 7 pm. The program ends with lunch on the last date. Please see our Daily Schedule.

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