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Do you have a guru? Perhaps Yogananda or Jesus is your guru. We have many friends who follow the paths of various gurus. It is a great blessing and joy to accept and be accepted by a guru, living or not. I put my life in the hands of Paramhansa Yogananda every day. This brings so much light into my heart!

I find it somewhat harder to do what my Guru tells me I should do! I have to keep working on it. I know that the more I do – as guided by Yogananda - the more surely and quickly I will progress on my own spiritual path. He has given me the tools. If you have another guru, then it is his or her teachings and practices you should follow.

Yogananda compared not following your guru's teachings to going to a doctor to get a prescription but tossing it away when you return home. Swami Kriyananda wrote ""Don't expect to get there if you merely depend passively on the guru - like a superstitious patient whom one may imagine framing his prescription and hanging it on a wall - as if expecting the writing itself to make him well!"

Every night when I awake, I see how quickly I can think of him and start repeating "AUM Guru." As I begin all my daily activities I try to remember to pray or ask for the Master's blessings. When I see others, I try to recognize God in them. When something happens to me – which to me may appear to me to be good or bad - I immediately thank my Guru because he has me in his hands, and sends me what I need.

Paramhansa Yogananda gave us great encouragement when he said: "If you practice even a hundredth part of what I teach you, you will reach God." We are given the tools and the promise.

The Masters' blessings on your journey,

Teachers at The Expanding Light share many of the revolutionary tools which Yogananda brought to the West. We welcome everyone seeking to find a true path, or to discover a higher octave of their own being.

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Avital teaching dance at The Expanding Light Retreat
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Inspiration from
Paramhansa Yogananda

“To get off the wheel, you have to desire freedom very intensely. Then only will God release you. Your longing has to be fervent. If it is, and if you are determined no more to want to play, the Lord has to release you.”

From Conversations from Yogananda
Paramhansa Yogananda with Instrument - Expanding Light Retreat- California

Inspiration from
Swami Kriyananda

“… the Master warned us, ‘You must listen to what I tell you, even in the little things.‘ I think we may take his words to mean, ‘especially in the little things.‘ For these, particularly, though they seem unimportant, may be vitally important…, especially if he emphasized them repeatedly.”

From Conversations from Yogananda
Swami Kriyananda  -founder of Ananda Worldwide Brotherhood
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Himalayan Adventure Pilgrimage
Sept 29 - Oct 15, 2015

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Of incomparable natural beauty, the Himalayas have been central to scriptures, myths, and legends of various cultures and religions. Linked to Self-realized masters for thousands of years, these mountains embody spiritual aspiration—and mankind‘s highest potential.

We‘ll travel to Ladakh, Badrinath, and Rishikesh—not by days of trekking, but directly by train, plane, and car. This pilgrimage is for those who love nature, high mountains, and places of spiritual power.
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A trip to Badrinath - Himalayan Adventure Travel with Ananda Travels
Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Retreat in Kerala
Feb 5 - 17, 2016 (or shorter version Feb 5 - 12*)
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Credit available towards Level 2 certification (500 hrs) for Ananda Yoga Teachers.
Sacred Sights on Spanish Pilgrimage with Ananda Travels

Pilgrimage to Spain & Italy
Sacred Sites in Southern Europe

Starting May 21, 2016

On this extraordinary trip you will experience the deep vibrations of early monasteries, ancient convents, museums, opulent palaces and antique castles; places of spiritual, historical and artful inspiration. Walk the streets of centuries-old cities where saints lived and walked.

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