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Sustainability is a popular concept in these times, and that’s a good thing. It appears to me that the primary application of the term is as regards organic farming and gardening. All good again. Sustainability has both broader and deeper meanings, however. Sustainability includes not wasting and not using up. So yes, not depleting the soil is a good example. Another is in the workplace, not just by not wasting paper and such — but by highlighting the benefits of work environments that don’t burn people out. It’s good for everyone, including the organization. Sustainable means supporting people in developing their own creativity and personal development. Our culture will do better when we apply sustainable approaches to all we do.

Spiritual sustainability suggests to me living a life in which each day we do the little things that keep our energy high and our thoughts with God. As Paramhansa Yogananda said: "The minutes are more important than the years."


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Inspiration from Swami Kriyananda

"The worldly person asks first of life, ‘What do I want?’ The devotee is indifferent to questions of personal, egoic fulfillment, and asks only, ‘What does God want? ’Renunciation is an inner state of consciousness, not an outward act. All men, whether married or single, who love God and want to know Him must reconcile themselves to living for Him alone. The pathway of the heart is too narrow for the ego and God to walk it together; one of them must step aside and make way for the other."
From The New Path
Crystal Clarity Publishers
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Gyandev’s Poem - Secret of Happiness
Inspiration from Yogananda

"No matter how far away God seems from you, live always in the thought that you belong with Him."

"And no matter how real your material life appears, and how real your attachment to it seems, hold it at a distance by reminding yourself of its impermanence."

From Essence of Self-Realization
Crystal Clarity Publishers
Building Community Wherever You Are - Sept 25 - 28, 2014  20% off 
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  • Inspire people to want to work with and for others
  • Help people grow beyond their own narrow boundaries
  • Support a creative and sustainable living and/or working environment 
  • Solve problems in the best way 
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An inspiring Spiritual Renewal Week was enjoyed by all, here are a few talks you may want to see.  view talks...

It’s true!  Badri will be taking a group of pilgrims to The Himalayas! Do you love Adventure Pilgrimage?  learn more...
Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Retreat
In Kerala, India ~ February 6 - 18, 2015
(shorter option: February 6 - 13)

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Spiritual Counseling Training - Sept 9 - 14  CEU
Sharing Nature Training Weekend - Sept 28 - Oct 3  
How to be a Channel of Divine Grace - Oct 3 - 5
You Can Change your Brain - Oct 3 - 5

September Special Offers
Life Transitions: What’s My Next Step? - Sept 5 - 7   20% off
Holistic Health Retreat - Sept 14 - 19   20% off
Pranayama for Deeper Meditation - Sept 25 - 28   15% off
The Meaning of Dreaming - Sept 26 - 28   15% off
Finding Happiness Retreat - Sept 30 - Oct 2   20% off

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