The Secret of Happiness, An Ode to Right Attitude

Presented By Nayaswami Gyandev at Spiritual Renewal Week

The Secret of Happiness
An Ode to Right Attitude, by Nayaswami Gyandev

Ah, sweet happiness, so often sought
In places and ways where it simply is not:
In people and things and events—which don’t last;
In sensory pleasures and living life fast;
In being admired, in having our way;
In power, in fame, in lucrative pay.
The happiness these bring is fleeting indeed.
We want the kind that endures—guaranteed.

The key lies in attitude—which is good news
For whatever else happens, that we can choose.
Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s not,
But always it matters, and sometimes a lot.

So ask God to help you, as you do your part
To be even-minded and cheerful of heart.
Be ever awake and ready to go.
Muster your courage, charge into the flow
Of all that life brings, for it’s from the Divine.
Seek only the Spirit, and stay in your spine.
Say “Yes!” to life, if joy is your goal.
Take charge of your attitude. Live from your soul!

Then happiness won’t have to wait one more day.
For it isn’t complex, and it’s not far away.
Joy is within you. Claim it through how
You’re living your life in the here and the now.

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