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Nayaswami Jyotish said to me not long ago "I think perseverance is most important." (Pardon me, Jyotish, if the quote isn't perfect.)

Surely that's true as regards spiritual aspiration, which was how Jyotish used it, and that's where it matters most. There are times when keeping your focus on your intentions is uplifting in itself. These times may come when you are exploring something new, when you are making breakthroughs, or because you are experiencing some rewards from your efforts. There are other times when "keeping on"” comes much harder. Often it is those times when it is most important that we hold to our resolve.

Perseverance or persistence seem important in any worthwhile endeavor. If you are quick to quit, you can never accomplish much. Don‘t be discouraged when you aren't particularly feeling the joy. Keep looking for it. That act alone will make you feel better about your day. But more importantly, one day you will find you are “there."

As Lahiri Mahasaya told his disciples, "Banat, banat, ban jai! – doing, doing, at last done!"

Blessings on your individual path.
Nayaswami Nityananda

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Inspiration from
Paramhansa Yogananda

"Do not expect a spiritual blossom every day in the garden of your life. Have faith that the Lord, if you surrender yourself to Him completely, will bring you divine fulfillment in His time, which is the right time.

"Having sown the seed of God-aspiration, water it daily with prayer and right action. Remove from your mind the weeds of lethargy, doubt, and indecision. When the sprouts of divine perception appear, tend them with devotional care.

"One morning you will behold, fully grown, the fairest flower of Self-realization."

From The Essence of Self-Realization
Paramhansa Yogananda with Instrument - Expanding Light Retreat- California
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Dana Anderson leads the Italian Arts and Culture of Assisi Tour  with Ananda Travels
The Arts & Culture of Assisi Program Tour
A participatory artistic adventure
May 13 -22, 2016 Note: The dates moved by one day.

10 days/9 nights with one optional but recommended additional night in Rome at both start, and/or end of trip.

Move between visiting the great spiritual and artistic centers in and near Assisi - and joining Dana in the Studio of the Awakening Arts Academy to express your own creative energy!
The Old Gate of Jerusalem City during the Holy Land Pilgrimage with Ananda Travels
Based at Ananda Assisi, participate in yoga and meditation as you wish, and enjoy wonderful vegetarian meals with some at local selected restaurants.

Join a concert at Ananda Assisi, visit the Portziuncola, Santa Chiara, Minerva Temple & Museum, the Basilica of St. Francis, L'Ermo (doing a pastel drawing while you are there), San Damiano and the Frassasi Caves! One overnight in Siena, where you will participate in a Stained Glass Workshop and visit the Duomo and other scenic Siena sites. Learn More

Sacred Sights on Spanish Pilgrimage with Ananda Travels
Pilgrimage to Spain & Italy
Sacred Sites in Southern Europe

Starting May 21, 2016

As I write this, Mantradevi & Krishna Das are traveling in Spain to make sure that everything will be great for you.

Mantradevi wrote this: "Beautiful cities, very inspiring places, awe inspiring architecture. This will be a dynamite pilgrimage.

"We have day one and two in Madrid mapped out in a good sequence for everyone to comfortably walk to see the many sites. There are two statues of Alfonso X and one of San Ferdinand III in the city. One of Alfonso has a deep vibration. Day three and four and maybe five in Avila and Segovia. We found an unexpected Monastery on the way to Avila. Huge and unforgettable. It has to be included so we'll change the schedule around.

By Divine grace we found wonderful restaurants so far for pilgrims to eat in. (Those who eat chicken and fish will have lots of options.) St Teresa places and St. John of the Cross mausoleum are deep and inspiring - three museums filled with her things, the home where she was born, convent where she lived for 30 years, etc.
The Old Gate of Jerusalem City during the Holy Land Pilgrimage with Ananda Travels
Krishna Das wrote this:
"Salamanca was really good. The Salamanca Cathedral was beyond beautiful in its spiritual architecture and artistic detail. I really couldn't get enough of this place. Salamanca will be a great place to easily wonder around on foot and have the best of both worlds, spiritual and Spanish culture.”

Experience the deep vibrations of early monasteries, ancient convents, museums, opulent palaces and antique castles; places of spiritual, historical and artful inspiration. Walk the streets of centuries-old cities where saints lived and walked.

Led by Mantradevi & Krisna Das, with professional local guides. Learn More
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