How to Have Spiritual Relationships

Each one of us is uniquely special in our soul nature. We have all been created and sustained by the Divine Light. The problem is we forgot, and when we forget we became small and afraid—no longer able to share in the riches and bliss that are part of our heavenly creation. Our parents, family, friends, and teachers are important in our awakening.

A mother who holds a baby knows intuitively that her baby is precious. Surrounded in the love of parents and family, we grow from that very beginning. Divinely given and loving relationships allow us to tune into the potential of greatness which is our highest nature. They inspire us to go beyond our imagined limitations.

President Obama said, “My 5th grade teacher, Ms. Hefty, taught me that I had something to say— not in spite of my differences but because of them. She made every single student in her class feel special.” Our teachers give hope—they spark imagination and open minds.

We share our vast universe in a celebration of God, who sustains all of creation in his consciousness. Echoing the sentiments of many Masters through the ages, Yogananda said, “Only love can take my place.” We awaken to our true potential by the love we feel from each other. As we go through life, we gradually begin to feel the divine blessing that breathes into each one of us. The love and recognition of our true worth are lifelines for us in difficult times.

The greatest thing we can do is to move more and more toward our divine essence and to channel that divine Light to others through our uplifting thoughts and deeds. As we sense the divine beauty in others and are able to reflect their beauty back to them, we both are blessed. We are in divine relationship.

Tune in sensitively to the awe that you feel as you see the Divine in the faces of your friends. It is real. Nurture that awareness in yourself. Nurture the light in your friends by seeing their inner being every day. Seek the divine consciousness within yourself, and creatively and lovingly awaken that light in others.

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