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Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.
Developing a disinclination for outward expression moves us more into our hearts.
Prayer is inner communion. It blesses us as grace flows through us.
Relax periodically and feel God.
Listen more for God‘s response in your heart.
Don‘t meditate to God, but meditate in God.
In merging we transcend dualism.
In this merging we recognize our true potential.
Our true potential is purity in God.

How to Concentrate - For Success in Everything
Aug 28 - 30, 2015 15% off

In just one weekend, you can gain:
  • An effective easy-to-practice, technique of meditation
  • Specific tools to help you weed out distractions
  • Aids to develop concentration in all you do...
Led by Sanjan Learn More
Meditatio Teacher Training at Ananda Schhol of Yoga & Meditation

“You see the Alkananda below us? It flows form Nil Kanta on its way to the ocean – such a long way away! What tremendous love she must have for the ocean! It takes so long to reach it, but no one can stop her owing to the force of her love. Your love for God should be like that: patient, constant, undeterred. Like a mighty river, the force of divine devotion will wash away any obstructions on your way. Keep on, with love, until you reach God‘s ocean.”

Quoted from a Himalayan swami in Shaped by Saints by Devi Mukherjee
Crystal Clarity Publishers.
Swami Kriyananda  -founder of Ananda Worldwide Brotherhood
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by Melody Hansen

How to Handle Spiritual Tests
by Uddavada Ramsden

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by Diksha McCord

A Restorative Yoga Pose for the Summer
by Melody Hansen

Lessons in Humility and Courage
by Diksha McCord

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Paramhansa Yogananda with Instrument - Expanding Light Retreat- California
He walks with me.
He talks with me.
He tells me
I am His own.

Songwriter -
C. Austin Miles
Yoga Getaway for Labor Day
Sep 4 - 7, 2015 15% off

Take a weekend getaway that will leave you feeling physically rejuvenated and mentally “awake and ready” for the coming change of seasons, with Badri, Maitri & Dayavati - Learn More
Meditatio Teacher Training at Ananda Schhol of Yoga & Meditation
SPECIAL 15% DISCOUNT on the following Programs

Relax and Heal

How to Achieve Glowing Health & Vitality
How to Concentrate - For Success in Everything

Yoga Getaway for Labor Day
The Chakras: Inner Guide to Self-Realization
Experiencing the 8 Manifestations of God
Learn How to Meditate
Prenatal Yoga Retreat
From Heartache to Healing
Therapeutic Yoga Retreat
Tools for Success

Plus Personal Retreat from September 11 - 30

Althought the First-Timers Programs are not additionally discounted, they are priced very low!
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Avital teaching dance at The Expanding Light Retreat
Is the Karma Yoga Program for you?
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Be an Angel.
Ananda Travels Logo
Sacred Sights on Spanish Pilgrimage with Ananda Travels
Pilgrimage to Spain & Italy
Sacred Sites in Southern Europe

May 21 - June 11 , 2016

RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! We‘ll be in Spain for 14 nights, and then 7 nights in Italy, with a focus on and around Assisi. You can reserve for just one country if you wish.

The very sound of these places calls us! Toledo, Segovia, Avila, Seville, Cordoba … and more. Visit all the beautiful and spiritual places in several cities.

Spain portion led by Mantradevi & Krisna Das, with professional local guides. Italy portion leaders may be Krishna Das, Mantradevi, or Arjuna. Learn More

Read this experience of Nayaswami Jyotish at Babaji‘s Cave and view this new video
A trip to Badrinath - Himalayan Adventure Travel with Ananda Travels
Himalayan Adventure Pilgrimage
Sept 29 - Oct 15, 2015

For those fit and a bit more adventurous … This trip will include these experiences:

· A thousand years of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, in the rarefied high desert beauty of Ladakh
· Following a branch of the Ganges from the plains almost to its source up to Badrinath
· Visiting spiritual teachers and ashrams in Rishikesh; walking and meditating along the banks of the Ganges
· The sights and vibrations of the high Himalayas Learn More

A trip to Badrinath - Himalayan Adventure Travel with Ananda Travels
Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Retreat in Kerala
Feb 5 - 17, 2016

“This trip is so much more than an exotic vacation in an stunning location. It is a pure rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul. The blend of yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic lessons, with the resort's treatments, climate and food is truly inspiring. I came to the resort with high expectations, and left with each and every one exceeded. An unforgettable experience of quality care and growth.” – Annette, England Learn More

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Serve, learn and grow through our wonderful Karma Yoga Program
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