What Is Spiritual Surrender?

In the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, spiritual surrender means self-offering of one’s will to God. It is not passive. It is an active surrender to the will of God.

How does one do it?Gitopadesha 1

Swami Kriyananda said that only by mental attunement with the consciousness of an already liberated guru can we make the leap across the yawning abyss that separates the ego from infinity. Most important of all is an attitude of deep loving receptivity toward one’s God-ordained guru.

The magnetism emanated by a true master lifts his disciples above their egos. What the guru does for us is primarily on a level of consciousness. He works from within us, on our thoughts and feelings. Our job, above all, is to offer our hearts and minds up to him, that he may transform us. Gradually, his ego-less consciousness seeps into our ego-centered consciousness, and transforms us with new understanding of our own reality. Once ego-limitation has been demolished by selfless love, nothing remains to prevent self-awareness from expanding to infinity.

The storm of duality is finally stilled, and the self, no longer in rebellion against God, merges completely into the Infinite Self, becoming the Infinite. This, and this only, is the state of salvation, of final liberation from all bondage of delusion.

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