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Dear Friend,

Asha Praver, who with her husband David leads Ananda’s Palo Alto Community, recently spent time with Swami Kriyananda, Ananda’s founder, on a trip to Goa, India. Included in a letter from Goa was the following:

“Swamiji said also how very simple God is, how ‘childlike.’

“What an interesting idea, to think of God as ‘childlike’. The intellect wants to make spirituality very complex. We naturally think of the Creator as complicated, because creation appears so complicated to us.

“Speaking along these lines on another occasion, Swamiji explained that since creation is Spirit vibrating from a point of stillness at the center, the closer you get to the heart of creation, the less movement there is, until, of course, all vibration ceases in absolute stillness.

“It is the movement that creates the impression of complexity. The less movement, the simpler everything becomes. God is that point of stillness, where everything is perfect simplicity.

“Swamiji also said God is childlike because He is without ‘expectations.’ This is an idea we often toss about - ‘to have no expectations’ - but it is marvelous to contemplate in this context: as a “childlike” attribute of God. To be without expectations, to accept everything without any reference to what it should or could be, to live without being tied to past or future, but only in the now.

“Quite wonderful teatime conversation!”

How lovely and how helpful! We can come closer to God by simplifying, by quieting ourselves, and by accepting whatever comes.

The programs at The Expanding Light – like Learn How to Meditate & Find Your Inner Strength will help you learn how. We hope to see you soon.


Joy to you!



Caring for the Caregivers Month
at The Expanding Light

Choose from many excellent programs to help you stay healthy and strong as you give care to others – whether you care for children, a parent, spouse, friend, or patients. See Caregiver Month.

Please forward this to a Caregiver you know. These giving souls deserve support.

Conversations with Yogananda

Inspiration from Yogananda

"A visitor," the Master told us, "asked me yesterday, 'Who made God?' Many ask that question. That is because they live in the realm of causation. Everything, to their way of thinking, must have a cause since that is how everything happens in this world. God, however, is the Supreme Cause. He has no need of being caused, or created. He is the very cause of causation. The truth is, nothing is really created anyway! The Spirit simply manifests the universe. Ultimately, nothing causes anything, for nothing, in actuality, is even happening!"

From Conversations with Yogananda.
Available from Crystal Clarity Publishers.


Take Care of Yourself
March 12 - 14

The Take Care of Yourself weekend delivers rejuvenation and re-inspiration in a very short time. Receive instruction in meditation, breathing exercises, restorative yoga, and hatha yoga - with an emphasis on healing your body and mind. Learn important ingredients to bringing greater health and happiness into your busy life. The weekend retreat also includes a 1 one-hour massage.

daily meditation

Radiant Health Tip
for March

The secret of radiant health is
Being a Friend to All

The power of being child-like in our love for God.

Meditation Teacher Training 1
March 12 – 21, 9 days

Deepen your own practice, learn how to share meditation with others in the deepest way. This extraordinary program is led by two of The Expanding Light’s finest teachers.

Meditation Teacher Training Video   Meditation Teacher Training Testimonial Video
Learn about the program Watch a short testimonial


Recipes for March

A Thousand Smiles Soup!
We just served this delicious soup to over 100 guests during our recent Inner Renewal Week. Many Ananda residents volunteered in The Expanding Light kitchen to make manifest our slogan “Many hands make a miracle”. Every day several people donned hat and apron, prayed with us and then washed, chopped or stirred – whatever was needed.

And here’s the story about the name of the soup: more...

Navy Bean Spread Recipe
Great on Basic Whole Wheat Bread, Rosemary Olive Bread, or pita bread.

Rosemary Olive Bread Recipe
Aromatic and flavorful. Great with Hummus or Navy Bean Spread.

Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training
A Spiritual Approach to Yoga

March 21 – April 18

Yoga teacher training video
Visit with an Ananda Graduate

Go Deep in Your Practice

Explore powerful practices such as classical yoga meditation techniques and Yogananda's renowned Energization Exercises.

Learn to teach a broad spectrum of yoga practices including:

  • 30 asanas and how to draw their spiritual benefits
  • Asana mechanics, cautions, and how to adapt asanas for limitations
  • How to work directly with the body's subtle energy, including the chakras and kundalini
  • Classical pranayama (yoga breathing techniques)

Go Beyond Techniques

This comprehensive curriculum also includes:

  • Yoga philosophy, including Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and more
  • Yoga lifestyle, including yogic diet and magnetic living
  • Anatomy and physiology for yoga teachers
Karma Yogis
Karma Yoga Opportunities

A Partial List of
Upcoming Programs

20% off most programs through March!

See Calendar for complete program listing

Caring for Caregivers Month
Caring for Caregivers Month

Autobiography of a Yogi
The Path of Kriya Yoga
20% off   March 5 – 7

Relationships That Work
How to Love and Be Loved
20% off   March 5 – 7

Flexibility Past 50
Flexibility Past 50
20% off   March 9 – 11

Suzanne getting Massage
Take Care of Yourself
20% off   March 12 – 14

First Timer
First-Timers’ Weekend
10% off already-low price!
March 12 – 14

Ridge Meditator
Meditation Teacher Training
March 12 – 21

Secrets of Forgiveness and Emotional Health
20% off   March 19 – 21

Ananda Yoga
Learn Ananda Yoga® Retreat
20% off   March 19 – 21

Yoga Teacher Training
Ananda Yoga®
Teacher Training

ceu credits   March 21 – Apr 18

Paramhansa Yogananda
How to Be Happy
All the Time

A mid-week program
20% off   March 23 – 25

The Chakras:Inner Guide to Self-Realization
20% off   March 26 – 28

Learn How to Meditate
Learn How to Meditate
20% off   March 26 – 28

Kriya Rose
Kriya Yoga Initiation Weekend
March 26 – 28


Find Your Inner Strength
April 2 – 4

How to Live with More Energy
April 9 – 11

Crystal Hermitage Tulip Open House
Crystal Hermitage Tulip Open House
April 10 & 11
April 17 & 18

First Timer
First-Timers’ Week
10% off already-low price!
April 11 – 16

Vibratory Healing Experience
Spirit and Nature Backpacking Trip
April 22 – 25

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