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According to research reports on violence in the world, the trend is actually toward less, not more. There have been drops in recent years, and some cases decades, of violent crimes in US cities. There are fewer wars and fewer casualties from wars than their used to be.

However, I think most of us have the sense that these are particularly dangerous times. As considered from our understanding of the Yugas, we are early on in Ascending Dwapara Yuga - the age of energy. It seems pretty clear that at this stage many Kali Yuga (Dark Age) attitudes are still alive - and being energized by Dwapara energy.

Our Spiritual Directors, Jyotish & Devi have launched an initiative for us to use Paramhansa Yogananda's “Peace and Harmony Prayer“ to spread that energy through the world in 2016. Please join us! Let's actively impact the world for the better! See the prayer below.

Peace and Harmony,
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Peace & Harmony Prayer

The more focused your attention, the more effective your prayer will be.
Visualize the world bathed in Divine Light, and then pray from your heart: “Lord, fill the world with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.” Repeat this for about a minute &10 repetitions]. Then visualize yourself in Divine Light, and say, “Lord, fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony” for fifteen seconds [3 reps].
Yogananda said: “Do this five times a day. Three or four times might work, but five practically never fails.”

by Paramhansa Yogananda
Paramhansa Yogananda with Instrument - Expanding Light Retreat- California
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