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Dear Friend,

When you don’t succeed in mustering the willpower to do what you know is best for you…. When you don’t act in the highest ways that you know you could…. do you become unhappy with yourself? Do you despair? Do you decide you are a clod, unworthy of God’s love?

Yogananda delivered a message from God to us very clearly: “My protection shines on thee always….. the greatest of all sins against me is not to be happy.”

Becoming downhearted about our lack of complete success is a great enemy on our path back to God. Downheartedness reinforces the downward cycle of energy, which is the very source of increased delusion. Remember that you have not yet succeeded. Each day and every hour, begin anew to bring your attention to loving God.

We ARE on our way back to our true Self – living in union with God. Rejoice now. And find yourself Home far more quickly.


Joy to you,


Lisa teaching class

Ananda Yoga Therapy Training

The most exciting certification program to hit the Yoga Community in years.  Click on the link to see a description and program flow chart.

Timothy and Lalaan sitting under a tree

Bring Your Spirituality into the Workplace

March 25- 27

15% off in March. Ask for discounts when you call.

A few months ago I wrote a letter in one of these eNotes essentially about spirituality in the workplace. Based on the level of interest expressed, we have introduced this program.

Picture of Yoganada with staff

The Heart of Yogananda

March 25 - 27

15% off in March. Ask for discounts when you call.

The same weekend, our dear friend Nabha will lead another new program.  Nabha started to read Autobiography of a Yogi when he was 7 years old!  Spend time with Nabha going closer to the consciousness of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Whispers from Eternity Book Cover

Inspiration from Yogananda

“Driving the Rebel-King, Ignorance”
“O mighty, mystic Judge of Life, I asked Thee in my hall of soul-stillness: ‘What is sin?’

Thy whispers of silence, dim at first, grew into bright articulations of thought: I heard and understood Thy meaning: ‘Sin is a rebel-king. His name is Ignorance. Ignorance is more...

From Whispers from Eternity by Paramhansa Yogananda
Beautifully edited by his disciple Swami Kriyananda.

Tulips in bloom

Springtime at Ananda!

One of the most wonderful times to come to The Expanding Light is almost here!  We’ve put together a wonderful list of programs in April.  Select one, and while you are here, enjoy the beauty of the Crystal Hermitage Gardens while the tulips are in bloom.

Your handwriting can change your life - book cover

Transform Your Life Through Handwriting

Special Guest Teacher
Dr. Vimala Rodgers, PhD
April 1 - 3

"There are 26 qualities we must perfect before we can be free..."     These are the opening words of Chapter XVI of the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God). Each of these 26 qualities lives within a particular letter of the Alphabet. The way you inscribe them indicates the level at which you are living the qualities they represent.  Learn how to raise your consciousness through handwriting in this exciting program.

Meditation Teacher Training You-Tube Video

Ananda YogaŽ Teacher Training

March 27 - April 24

Go beyond physical exercise into the deeper realms of yoga. It's a life-changing experience.

Apply Now for Level One

Gaia House - An exciting new group retreat experience

NEW Upcoming Gaia House Programs

Gaia House - An exciting new group retreat experience

April 1 - 3

Divine Mother Retreat for Women

Led by Maria McSweeney

Tyler with vegetables

May 13 - 15

Alive with Raw Foods

Led by Chefs Tyler and Devadasi

Gaia House kitchen

June 3 - 5

Food for Health and Vitality

Led by Diksha

Join us at Gaia House for one or our retreats – or bring your own group.

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Upcoming Programs

See Calendar
for complete program listings
* 15% off several programs in March. You must ask for discounts when you call to reserve.

Special Events      

Tulip Open House
at Crystal Hermitage


Mar 11 – 13
Restorative Yoga for Women

Mar 18 – 20 15% off
* Yoga as a Spiritual Practice


Mar 13 – 18
Kriya Yoga Preparation

Mar 9 – 13
Kriya Yoga Initiation Weekend

Mar 11 – 13
Make Meditation a Life Skill 10% off this program

On The Road  

Apr 30 – May 1
Relationships that Work
Franklin, TN

Holistic Health      

April 13 – 17
Practical Ayurveda for Self-Healing

Apr 29 – May 7
7-day Cleanse Retreat

Spiritual Growth    

Mar 10 – 13 15% off
* How to Launch Your
Spiritual Life

Mar 25 – 27 15% off
* The Heart of Yogananda

Mar 25 – 27 15% off
* Bring Your Spirituality into
the Workplace

Apr 1 – 3
Transform Your Life
Through Handwriting

Apr 22 – 24
How to Be Happy All the Time

Teacher Training  

Mar 18 – 27
Meditation Teacher Training

Mar 27 – Apr 24
Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training

Please download the 2011 full calendar to see the great program options through December.

sundara laughing

Radiant Health Tip
for March

The secret of radiant health and well-being is happiness.

Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances.  Happiness lies not in things, .. more

Raw Foods Chef
Tyler Hansen

Recipes for March

Almond Cheeze Nori Wraps Recipe -
A tasty RAW FOOD recipe that can be adapted in endless ways to suit your wants and needs.

Sunflower Cesar Sauce Recipe

Dip the rolls in the sauce and there should be plenty of sauce left over for a salad dressing.

Vitality and more..

To learn more about raw food recipes sign up for Alive with Raw Foods.

Enjoy an enlightening journey with our vibrant Chefs Tyler and Devadasi


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